Friday, November 19, 2010

Chapter 14 - Leesie's poem

YAY! It's Friday and there's a new Harry Potter movie out. What could be better? (Well, maybe a new Twilight movie.) Actually, for me, a new Jane Austen movie would top everything. No, no, no, if I want to dream a little, a new Michael and Leesie movie would be the best. Or a SING ME TO SLEEP movie that featured the real, live Amabile guys. Okay, that's dreaming a ton.

Here's today's post. Hope you enjoy. No torture today. See you all again Monday!


POEM # ??,

I spin around and scream
in his face, “No, no, no, no!”
sink to my knees in the sand,
bang my head on the ground.

He’s there, beside me.
“Leese, listen.”
His hand finds my arm.
I flick it off. “Don’t touch me.”
I scramble to get away, but he
has me, holds me, won’t let me

“No.” I cry into his shoulder
and pound his chest with my cast.

“Remember that crazy honeymoon
we made up?”


“Our deserted island and 24/7?”


“Remember how I said I’d buy
you seashells?”


“Every market I went to, I’d buy
something for you.”

“For me?

He kisses my forehead.
“For you.”

“The skirts and scarves—all the stuff
you found—it’s not Suki’s.”
I shudder and he squeezes me.
“I bought it all for you.”
He puts the necklace
in my hand and kisses
my trembling mouth.

“I want to believe you,
He lets go, hangs his head, steps back.
“I’ve been a freaking moron lately?”

I hold up the necklace to catch the light
from behind us.
A round shell center pierced
with strands of wood beads
turquoise, round and square,
light and dark.
“It’s Cayman colored.”
He kisses my fingers. “It is.”
I kiss his mouth so I don’t cry, turn
and wade into the water.
“Just leave me here.”
A few steps takes me up
to my knees in soft,
pulsing blue, perfection.
Cool. Clear. Enticing.
“Maybe the tide will take me away.”

He plunges after me, grabs my arm.
“That’s enough. It’s over.”
I jerk my arm trying to free it.
“I’m too evil to live! I pervert
everything. This gift. Your love.
His grip tightens—
I stare at his fingers then into his eyes,
“You’re too good to be near me.”
My eyes drop to the cool water
sucking on my knees.
“I killed my brother, Michael.”
I take a step deeper.
“I really did.
I screamed,
cursed him, and drove
off the road.”

His arms wrap around me.
“Hush, babe.” He presses
my head against his
beating heart. “It’s okay.
I’m here now.”
His voice breaks.
He doesn’t move,
doesn’t speak
until he regains control
enough to whisper,
“I’m back.”

His two little words unlock
my heart. My body relaxes
against his. “Where did you go?”
He kisses the top
of my furry buzz cut.
“Let’s call it a guilt trip.”


  1. thank you sooo much for the no torture. i think i have enough leesie and micheal to last me through the weekend (maybe) :) and i dont think that your dreams are crazy i actualy wish they made a movie about sing me to sleep or taken by storm too :) although some of the simpl things we love about your books might not even be in the movie, which is sometimes disapointing,(directors these day)
    anyways see you monday! :)

  2. That was beautiful, Angela. Finally, the bittersweet reunion. You do those best, I swear!
    Question: I may be the only one dense enough to not know this, but who is saying,
    “That’s enough. It’s over.”
    “I’m too evil to live! I pervert
    everything. This gift. Your love.
    You’re too good to be near me.” ? Is it Michael or Leesie?

  3. Finally caught up. Wow this is great, what a ride. A couple of comments from previous chapters...You said Leesie watching sad movies and crying was healing. After my dad died I couldn't watch sad movies for a long time and when I did I wouldn't cry. I was too afraid to lose control. Maybe it was just me. AND when I had morphine with my c-section I itched like crazy when it wore off. I thought that's where you were going with Michael itching her head. Just a couple of thoughts. Excellent work!

  4. This is great and leaves me hungering for more!

  5. This is the reason what I love the way YOU write Angela. It's MAGIC I cry with this chapter because it really touch my heart.


  6. Good question, Sanja. I'll have to make sure that's clearer in the finished chapter. Michael says the first line. Leesie says the second. I need to tag those lines with action or a facial expression so you'll know who says what.

    Warning! My post will be later tomorrow. I'm writing poetry with fourth graders all morning. Should be fun. I think I'll finish this chapter off with a Leesie and Kim chat.

  7. Such a beautiful, poignant poem! Personally, I think it's one of Leesie's best. I love the part that goes, "He doesn’t move, doesn’t speak until he regains control enough to whisper, “I’m back.”
    His two little words unlock my heart." So much emotion in a simple yet beautiful line!

  8. A-ma-zing.
    I think this is one of my favorite of Leesie's poems, I got so wrapped up in it... yeah, just wow.
    Angela? I have a question. How do you pronounce Leesie's name? I have a couple of guesses but I like to get it right because people say my name wrong ALL the time.

    you make me want to write a novel !
    i keep thinking that they are going to get married and they will both be happy. Your books have taught me many things. SUCH as beaty comes with in ( when i was reading sing me to sleep)

    i LOVE you Angela Morrison ! ♥

  10. Thanks for all the love! It gives me so much energy to write. I think I don't want to go back to writing a novel the normal way again. I'll have to find an understanding publisher. I don't know if that's even possible. But this experience has been a huge gift so far. You guys are all the GIFT!! Thank you!

    Arah, Leesie is pronounced "Lee" (as in weeee!) - "sie" (as in I see you, you see me!) with the emphasis on the first syllable. I'm trying to think of a rhyme, but I'm drying a blank. Rhymed out with those 4th graders this morning.

  11. Finally, a scene that didn't make me tear at my hair. This was lovely, floating-on-water-and-thinking-sweet-things lovely.