Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Next scene and a surprise twist! Chapter 16, part two

One of the joys of writing is when the story takes over and things happened that you didn't plan. We're getting into the dangerous middle reaches of the novel when plots tend to sag and sink. Something has to happen to keep the action rolling. Michael and Leesie are hopelessly devoted to each other. Leesie isn't in pain or suicidal or trying to seduce him. Something is looming, but it's too soon. What do I do?

True confession: I had absolutely no idea. Then Seth and Leesie got talking and came up with him emailing Dani. Ah-hah! The plot thickens. I can't wait to write the next scene!

Here's a chat between Leesie and Kim. Michael narrates next. Get ready for a doozy tomorrow.



Kimbo69 says:  I can’t believe you told him to email the slut who ran off with your roommate’s boyfriend.
Leesie327 says: I know. I was possessed by something crazy. If Alex finds out I gave Seth the idea, I’m toast. I’ll be sleeping on the sidewalk.
Kimbo69 says: Alex already knows about it?
Leesie327 says:  Oh, yeah. They all do.
Kimbo69 says:  Seth told? She must have written back.
Leesie327 says: If a guy emailed you that he loves you and life is hell without you, what would you do?
Kimbo69 says: Send him a nice reply saying I’m sorry?
Leesie327 says: That’s a start.
Kimbo69 says:  Call him and beg his forgiveness?
Leesie327 says:  You’re getting warmer.
Kimbo69 says:  Try to see him so I can convince him with my personal charms?
Leesie327 says: How about fly back to Cayman and move back in with him as if nothing ever happened.
Kimbo69 says:  Seth is that much of a sucker?
Leesie327 says: It’s what he wants more than anything. He took her for granted until she was gone. He won’t do that again.
Kimbo69 says: Is Alex ballistic?
Leesie327 says: It got pretty ugly when Seth told her Dani’s coming “home” this weekend.
Kimbo69 says: What about the guy?
Leesie327 says: Kai? He’s staying in St. Lucia. Dani caught him cheating on her. She says he cheated on Alex with a bunch of other girls—not just her.
Kimbo69 says: Alex is well rid of the creep.
Leesie327 says: She sees that, but not enough to welcome Dani back into the nest.
Kimbo69 says: She and Seth should find another place to live.
Leesie327 says: No chance of that happening. Seth’s kicking Gabriel out of his room to make way for Dani.
Kimbo69 says: So where’s he going?
Leesie327 says: On a cot in the living room, I guess. Alex would like him to move in with her, but I’m in the way.
Kimbo69 says: Is she making any progress with him?
Leesie327 says: I think so. He got all protective when Seth announced Dani was moving back. He and Alex went down to the beach together—didn’t come back until late.
Kimbo69 says: Total soap opera.
Leesie327 says: Right. Since I caused the problem, I’ve found the solution.
Kimbo69 says: What?
Leesie327 says:  I looked up getting married on Cayman. If you’re a resident, you have to go to the registrar’s office and they post a notice in public that you are going to marry. People have two weeks to object. Crazy, huh.
Kimbo69 says: Like bans in Jane Austen novels?
Leesie327 says: If you’re getting married in a church, they still do that here.
Kimbo69 says: What’s your status there? Are you like an illegal immigrant?
Leesie327 says: I’m a visitor. I can stay six months. Michael has a temporary work permit. So we’re not officially residents. Maybe he is. I can’t tell. I think we can get married using a non-resident permit.
Kimbo69 says: How does this help the situation?
Leesie327 says: Non-residents just have to pay $250, prove their age and citizenship, and they get a certificate. It’s easy. Fast. You can just go to the office and get it.
Kimbo69 says: You’re really going to do it?
Leesie327 says: I just have to convince Michael all this drama isn’t good for me. Moving into our own condo would be the only option. He’d do it if we’re married.
Kimbo69 says: Be careful. You’ll end up convincing him to buy you a ticket home. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing.
Leesie327 says: I don’t think so. He loves it here as much as I do. I think he’ll work here as long as they’ll let him. That’s something like eight years. I’m already home.
Kimbo69 says:  But you have a family.
Leesie327 says: He’ll be my family. He’s all I need.
Kimbo69 says: What about your mom’s needs? What about your Dad—and Stephie?
Leesie327 says: This way they’re safe. I can’t hurt them anymore.
Kimbo69 says: That’s stupid. Twisted. Selfish and mean.
Leesie327 says: Me.
Kimbo69 says: No. It’s not you. Not the girl I know.
Leesie327 says: But it’s who I’ll be forever now. I’m scared for Michael. What will I do to him?


  1. Hopefully Kim can talk some sense into Leese! She really wants to marry Michael...uh-oh...drama with Seth and Dani!!

  2. I loved this chat, but I hope Michael helps Leesie out soon. It's starting to get a little uncomfortable with her pushing getting married so much. She needs to get better.

  3. wow..
    i really want leesie wants to rush in to getting maried she should just go home. I hope she does go home its too much.This is the deepest coversation they have ever had. I want Leesie to have the weddind she has always wanted. i feel like she is going to regret it later on.

  4. Umm Latin endearments.. Mi amor for 'my love,' querida/cariƱa for 'dear,' mi amado for 'my beloved,' novio for 'sweetheart,' mi hermosa for 'my beautiful one (?)', tesoro for 'treasure,' etc.. Hope that helped. Am no Spanish expert (my list of Spanish endearments is limited to what comes out of Enrique Iglesias' mouth) but I'm sure these are accurate.

  5. Dramatic and beautiful. Can't wait for what happens next *nibbles nails*

  6. Uh oh, Leesie sounds like she's getting herself in a situation she might regret later on :|

  7. I also like when things don't go as planned. Just, whoa!