Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chapter 22 part 2 - Leesie's poem

Hey my sweet CAYMAN SUMMER travelers! Look I'm early. I'm doing a live chat tonight on Twitter, so I need to download tweetdeck and get set up. You're all invited. A group of authors from DEAR TEEN ME are going to be talking about the project at #yalitchat from 9-11 PM EST. Hope to see you all there. I'm supposed to tweet to my teen self. Maybe I'll snag a vote or two for SING ME TO SLEEP's Goodread's campaign. 

As always, I look forward to your reaction. I'm not sure if these two poems work together. Still some rough edges to blend to make it flow. This finishes Chapter 22. Next scene will be in the car with Michael driving home.  


            Crying on Michael’s chest
            the wall I built to keep out the light,
cracks, splinters
            and in cleansing white glory

She comes to me,
a pure and shining presence,
knocking on my soul.

            “Sis. Hunt?”
            My grandmother smiles on my heart.
            Pres. X’s voice filters throough
the rapture I’m encased in.
“Do you know your
            very worst sin?”

defogged, unfuddled
reveling in perfection

            I sit back from Michael,
            wrap my arms around my chest
            so I don’t fracture into millions
            of pieces at the exquisite force
            so intense, so unearned, so blessed.
Along with my grandmother
            blooming in my heart,
            there’s whisperings of something
            that can only be Phil.
            I’m sorry, Leesie. I love you.
            I bow my head and whisper,
            “Me, too.”

            Michael rubs my back.
            “Are you all right, babe?”

spilling joy that
embraces my sorrow
they smile
and wave

            Tears flow like water pounding
            from a spout, splashing, gurgling
            filling a baptismal font like the one
            I stood in at eight with my father’s
            hands full of power to cleanse me.
            Pres. X’s voice extends an iron rod
            to rescue me from endless wanderings
            in a faceless field of full of the lost.
            “Your worst sin, Sis. Hunt, was to believe
            your Savior has power to save everyone—
            but you.”
            I grasp Michael’s hand and meet the man’s gaze.
            “I testify to you,”—his words soft but strong,
            pierce my stubborn, stone heart,
            “He loves every vile murderer in every
            penitentiary and somehow, someday
            in the great Eternal realm, they will all
            find their own salvation through Him.”

            I rest my head against Michael’s cheek.
            He strokes my face and whispers, “Listen
             to him, Leesie. Listen. You need this.”

            I watch Pres. X’s mouth, studying every word
            it creates. “He waits with open arms,
            spread wide to welcome you home
            with love and forgiveness if you will

            Emotion overtakes me again.
            I sob with my head down on the desk—
            tears the only offering I have left to give.


  1. That. Was. Amazing. Tears are flowing down my cheeks as well.

  2. “He loves every vile murderer in every
    penitentiary and somehow, someday in the great Eternal realm, they will all find their own salvation through Him.” this is a favorite line of far ..i dont know why im crying but i guess i cant help it .. Love IT !
    i dont usually cry when i read at this is suprising to me too ..

  3. The part when Phil tells Leesie he loves her made me cry. Poor Leesie. The worst is behind her, but her tears are really her only offerings. That is so incredibly profound. Best Leesie poem yet (with the exception of her introduction one in Taken by Storm. That was amazing for a different reason <3)

  4. I cried as I wrote it. I always do when I write about spiritual experiences--even fictional ones. I try to base them on things that have actually happened to me because I want them to be true, I want them to touch your heart. "She comes to Me," the poem I brought back from TAKEN BY STORM to meld with this poem, describes an experience I had one night with my own grandmother. I get my love of writing from her.

  5. Beautiful! I love how you brought back in the "She Comes to Me" poem (which I love as well!)

  6. Well they are really touching poems ..♥

  7. Aww this was wonderful--truly inspiring.

  8. So good Annie, I am crying as well. You need to tell me about your experience with grandma. You really are amazing! Love ya, Lucy (not Sidney, I guess I forgot to sign her out.)

  9. This is great!!! I think the poems work well together.

  10. Like they've already said: what an amazing part of the story you've written! I loved it and I'm almost crying :S
    I think it's just great when you mix poems with the story, it works perfectly because you know how to mix it *-*

    Have a great week!


    (oh, and btw, I voted for Sing me to Sleep on GoodReads and I'm helping RaĆ­la to get more people voting for your book!)