Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chapter 26 - Part 2 - Leesie's poem

I think this is only half of Leesie's poem. I need to really take my time with the rest of it. I want the next scene to be from her POV, too. So this is just Part A to the poem. Baby steps today, but an important one for Leesie.

Today is the final day to vote in the Goodreads Choice Award. I'm trying hard not to think about it or I'll go crazy! Thanks again for all your support.


Michael holds the silver
bread tray for me until
I take
a tiny white crumble
and put it in my mouth.

I chew slowly, waiting
for a lightening bolt
to fry me in my seat.
I close my eyes, feel
Michael’s fingers winding
around mine.

Did You know he would
be such a miracle?
The heavens don’t answer.
I’m left to ponder until it’s
time for the water.

I don’t hesitate at this
second emblem of renewal.
I feel it washing me inside
as it trickles down my throat.

Michael senses success,
squeezes my hand.
He cares so much
that I find my way
back to the Savior
he doesn’t
admit exists.

Is he pretending?
Is this all show for me—
so I can get that crutch
back under me?

I want it to be
as real as the intensity
his eyes reveal
when he catches mine
and smiles.


  1. That is absolutely amazing. I had goosebumps. You rock. Michael rocks. God rocks. Yeah... Nuf said.

  2. Love seeing the progress in Leesie!

  3. Love seeing Leesie act like her old self, it's refreshing. And Michael just keeps getting more amazing. I still can't believe that he actually has a Book Of Mormon. :) Can't wait for today's post!!