Monday, January 17, 2011

Chapter 31 - Leesie and Kim get chatting

Here's a nice, juicy Leesie and Kim chat. I figured this would work better through Kim's eyes.

I've got some more great, great news. Erzsi Deak, one of my SCBWI fairy godmothers who made my deal with Penguin possible, is launching her own literary agency, Hen and Ink. And guess who just signed with her? ME!!! I can't think of anyone I'd rather work with as an agent. With Erzsi in my corner, I should be able to bring you more books really soon. Those of you who might be looking for an agent, I'll add a link to her website ASAP!

I've got loads to get organized and send to her. She's moving on things really fast. But don't worry. Leesie and Michael come first all this week. I'll post every day. Thanks for being so patient while I was sick last week.

I hope this post makes up for it a little bit!



Leesie327 says: Good you’re online. I so need to vent.
Kimbo69 says: What’s he done now?
Leesie327 says: Michael? I’m not mad at HIM. Michael is perfection.
Kimbo69 says: He’s hot—but the guy’s got his flaws.
Leesie327 says: I didn’t think I could love him more, but every day I do.
Kimbo69 says: So that study thing you’re doing is going well? He’s swallowing the Mormon stuff?
Leesie327 says: It’s not like that. This is the most beautiful experience. I wish I could explain it to you.
Kimbo69 says: No thanks. Don’t turn your religious zeal on me. We have an agreement, remember?
Leesie327 says: He prayed. Really prayed. And God answered him. He called me so excited.
Kimbo69 says: God or Michael?
Leesie327 says: Very funny.
Kimbo69 says: So you’re goingto live happily ever after?
Leesie327 says: I was going to type YES, but then I thought of Phil. That will always hurt—but Michael is trying so hard, dropping all his barriers—for me.
Kimbo69 says: How are you going to tell him that you and Phil were fighting over him in that pickup? [I can’t remember if Kim knows this! If she doesn’t, I’ll have to add that!]
Leesie327 says: I’m never going to. I won’t tell anyone. Promise me, Kim. You can never say a thing.
Kimbo69 says: Calm down. You know you can trust me. So what interrupted perfection in paradise.
Leesie327 says: It was dumb. I shouldn’t let stuff like that upset me. I dealt with so much worse every day in high school.
Kimbo69 says: You’re making me crazy. WHAT HAPPENED?
Leesie327 says: Michael has to work through the 4th of July weekend, so he slept on Jaz’s porch last night and too me back down to East end this morning to go diving while Aunty Jaz got her treatment. Jaz’s friend picked her up and took her home for a change of scenery. She must be having a good time. She’s still not back.
Kimbo69 says: Did you get hurt diving?
Leesie327 says: Dani and Seth were on the boat with us.
Kimbo69 says: Did Miss Sleze-bucket hit on your man?
Leesie327 says: No. She tried to save him from the clutches of the evil Mormon devil-worshippers.
Kimbo69 says: What?
Leesie327 says: She grew up in the South going to one of those churches that show anti-Mormon videos to protect their flock.
Kimbo69 says: Churches do that?
Leesie327 says: She said that if I don’t turn away from my evil ways and find Christ, I’ll be damned. Apparently, I’m no longer a Christian.
Kimbo69 says: She lectured you?
Leesie327 says: And I just sat there in stunned silence.
Kimbo69 says: She’s really one to talk.
Leesie327 says: My dad always taught us “contention is of the devil.” Arguing with someone who just wants to fight just makes everyone angry. Pointless.
Kimbo69 says: You let her get away with that?
Leesie327 says: I didn’t want it to get ugly in front of Michael. Turning the other cheek is a lot harder than it sounds.
Kimbo69 says: So what happened?
Leesie327 says: Michael told her to shut up. Seth almost decked him.
Kimbo69 says: That sounds peaceful. You did this in front of all the paying customers?
Leesie327 says: No. We were up front. Michael was driving the boat.
Kimbo69 says: He defended you. That’s so cool.
Leesie327 says: I brokered a truce. By the time we got out to the dive site, they were all business as usual.
Kimbo69 says: Flakes.
Leesie327 says: I don’t know. Maybe Dani really believes that stuff about us. Lots of people do.
Kimbo69 says: Then they should keep it to themselves.
Leesie327 says: No way I can say that. Our missionaries go all over the world NOT keeping it to themselves.
Kimbo69 says: What are you going to do if she starts in on you again?
Leesie327 says: Smile and thank her for her concern. I don’t want her angry and bugging Michael. He’s with these people all the time.
Kimbo69 says: Get God to zap her. You’re tight with Him.
Leesie327 says: He’d say I’m supposed to love her.
Kimbo69 says: Hah! You are crazy.
Leesie327 says: Certifiable—crap—there’s noise in the restaurant. Somebody’s in there.
Kimbo69 says: Maybe Jaz came home.
Kimbo69 says: Leesie? Where are you?
Kimbo69 says: Are you okay?
Kimbo69 says: You’re scaring the panties off me.
Kimbo69 says: If you don’t come back and answer me, I’ll never chat with you again.
Leesie327 says: There’s a massive black guy in there scrubbing the counters down. I think it’s Aunty Jaz’s son.
Kimbo69 says: The criminal?
Leesie327 says: No one said he’s a criminal.
Kimbo69 says: Get out of there now!!!!
Leesie327 says: What if Jaz comes home, and he hurts her?
Kimbo69 says: What if he hurts you?
Leesie327 says: I’m going to go out back and call Michael.
Kimbo69 says: Can’t you call someone closer? Like the police?
Leesie327 says: Oh, yeah. I wonder if 911 works here. I could try that. Pres. Bodden. I’ll call him. Right after Michael.
Kimbo69 says: Go hide.
Kimbo69 says: Get help from the neighbors.
Kimbo69 says: You’re gone aren’t you?
Kimbo69 says: Crap. girl. You better phone me.
Kimbo69 says: What’s happening? I’m sitting right here. I’m not going anywhere until you tell me you’re okay.
Kimbo69 says: Don’t do anything stupid.
Kimbo69 says: Geeze—now you’ve even got me praying.


  1. Oh, I figured you'd be bringing in the son at some point! I'm hoping that since he was "scrubbing the counters down" he ends up not being a bad threat. Great suspenseful ending!
    A couple of other comments -- Leesie tells Kim that Michael called her when he got an answer to his prayer. I thought he didn't tell her anything until they were out on the kayak together?
    Also, I've been wondering why Leesie is so reluctant to tell Michael that she and Phil were fighting over him. (And I think she did tell Kim this already.) What exactly is she afraid of happening if she tells him?

  2. I have to apologize. I'm not going to get another post up today. My agent is on her way to NYC, and I need to get her a bunch of material. I'll be back tomorrow. I promise.

    And Gayle, don't you think Michael would be upset and blame himself if he found out? I think there might even be worse consequences, but I don't want to hint too much . . .

  3. Wow. Freaky ending! And what is this about Aunty Jaz's son and him being a criminal? When did I miss this? It doesn't ring a bell at all *panic attack*!!
    I. LOVE. KIM. She's exactly the best friend I'd want! Or the best friend I'd want to be. Such a wonderful person.
    And yes, I am pretty sure Leesie's told Kim about the incident building up to Phil's death. I can't quote the exact time though, so.. Sorry!
    Dani. Even when I didn't think it was possible to hate her more, I do. And-although I have absolutely no complaints regarding the amazingly sublime developments leading to Michael's connection with God-will we see Alex and Gabe any time soon? I kinda miss them =)

  4. I have big plans for Alex and Gabe. They are an important part of the final chapters. And you'll be seeing all the guys again REALLY soon . . . like maybe tomorrow.

  5. what a terrible to end !
    i hope she is OKAY !
    i dont think you Kim ia aupposed to know

  6. Congrats on being signed Angela! That's fantastic news.

    And this is great. Loved every bit of it :D