Thursday, May 19, 2011


This weekend I'm taking time-out from Michael and Leesie to remember Matt, who inspired SING ME TO SLEEP. I'm walking in Salt Lake's GREAT STRIDES held Saturday at the Galvin Center. We've formed a tiny SING ME TO SLEEP readers team. I know many of you will be with us in spirit.

If you'd like to support the team with a donation, please click through to CFF's website. If you get a "find a walker" screen, simply enter my name and you should be directed to my page. THANK YOU!!

I'll have pictures to share this weekend when I get home.


  1. i will love to donate but i'm too young for having a credit card or even earn money by my own... well i do it, but not very much...
    but i wish other people donate :D
    take care!

  2. i Just want to let you know that my collection to Taken by storm is complete !
    The funny thing about reading Cayman Summer is that even thought i knew what was going to happen, I was still shocked and Awwed at the same time.
    I made my bestfriend read the first one and she Loved it, she currently reading Unbroken Connections.
    After that she WILL be readin Sing me to sleep. :)
    BTW:She didnt believe me when i told her it was me on the back of the book. lOl, i have to show her all the comments i posted in the chapters. -thanks again for sharing your journey with me and all your fans ! <3