Friday, July 8, 2011

A Big Welcome to Christy's Stories and a Visit to BYU

Today M+L Forever visits a new friend and blog, Christy's Stories. Christy asked questions that no one else has before. She's a new blogger so please stop by, make lots of comments, and welcome her to the Michael and Leesie family.

Now that you've seen Phuket and a glimpse of the Similans, it's time to take a look at where Leesie ended up. For some reason, I have no pictures of BYU. And I was just on the campus again in May when my son got married. But my daughter, Rachel, is a much better photographer than I, and she raided her iphoto and sent me these so you can get a feel for the campus and inside Leesie's dorm. She didn't have any pictures of a tunnel sing, though. Maybe I can find one on YouTube.

This is the Y. It's a good hike from campus. You can get a glimpse of Leesie's dorm, Heritage Halls, in the lower left corner.

Here's the Carrillon Bell Towers. It plays every hour to mark the time. But sometimes there will be a concert.

This is my daughter (2nd girl from the left) and freshman friends in her kitchen at Heritage Halls.

Another shot of the dorm kitchen. My daughter is 2nd from left, and my son os on the right. Yes, I taught them to make Christmas Cookies!

This is the Provo Temple. Leesie walks up there a lot and takes Michael. You can see how close the mountains are to campus.

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