Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Look what I found! With a little help from Google, I found images of Cayman Brac. We visited the Brac before we had digital cameras, so I borrowed a few shots from generous sites around the web. This gives you a feel for the end of the book. Tomorrow I'll share photos re the epilogue.

This is typical Cayman Brac.

The island is made of coral.

This reminds of the resort where we stayed. 

Awesome wreck diving!

Here's the airstrip. We flew there on a tiny plane. The ride back to Grand Cayman was so bumpy the lady behind us was screaming. There were only about eight seats on the plane. The flight there was bigger--a Dash-8 if I remember right.

This is the Bat Caves where I sent Michael and Leesie and friends to ride out the hurricane.  The caves really are the island's hurricane shelter.

This picture shows damage after a hurricane. 

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