Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You Give = We Give

Jess, from She Known as Jess, along with two of her fellow YA blogerina's in Australia are sponsoring a remarkable event to celebrate the giving season. If their followers send them books used or new books to put under three K-Mart Giving Trees in Australia (or donate cash so they can purchase books), they will give you lots of entries to contests for some amazing price packs!

I was happy to donate books to such a creative way to help others. SING ME TO SLEEP, TAKEN BY STORM, and a bag of beautiful Michael and Leesie M&Ms are part of one U.S. prize pack. Yeah. These prizes are huge.

Please check out their post to see what you can win. They have prize packs for Australia, UK, US and International prizes . . . so all of you can enter. Or click on their button that I'll have in the side-bar from now until Christmas.

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