Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dancing until Midnight!

Last night VCFA's fourth semester class threw a costume party to honor the graduating seniors. We all got to dress up as our favorite book character from childhood. I went as none other than Jo from LITTLE WOMEN. Louisa Mae Alcott is my hero and she is Jo. When I was in second grade, I discovered INVINCIBLE LOUISA--an old biography about Louisa as a child with a voracious need to tell stories. I loved her and still do.

The party was hopping and a few of the first semester students agreed to let me post pictures of them here. Thanks! My battery was low so the flash wasn't working, but you get the idea.

Meet the Pippi's and Fancy Nancy. True confession. I made my dress in high school for the 4-H Dress Review.

Ah, now here's all three Pippi's in the shot. True confession number #2, I won the 4-H Dress Review.

Ah, those darn Pippi's. Obviously Team Jacob!

Okay, from right to left. Me as Jo March, Harry, Hermione, and the end papers from A VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR. Bella and Edward were there, too, but they just stood around glaring at people. 

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  1. Wonderful! I posted to my class forum. Thanks, Angela, and keep on having fun and sending us scoop.