Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vermont College Musings

I'm here at Vermont College of Fine Arts for their winter residency. I'm having a great time being a grad assistant. No new pictures yet. Keep forgetting. I'm enjoying being with supportive writers 24/7. Being here and listening the lectures is like having a warm dose of creative juice poured all over my head. I'm soaking it up.

The opening lecture last night got me so excited AGAIN about what I do. This is a tough, tough business, and we writers bare our soft-underbellies all the time. It's amazing to feel that what I knock my brains out trying to do has worth. Last night after the lecture I couldn't sleep. So I wrote this. It's my new anthem. Marching orders. Too bad it isn't a poem!

I love transformation. I love growth and change. I love to turn my work upside down, inside out and give it a good shake.

I love the divine creative power I'm blessed to weild. I love ending up with something so much more than I expected.

Out of pen and paper, brain and inspiration, we writers create a journey that can bring our readers to an inner awareness they've never know before--a glimpse of truth, a taste of hope.

Every time I get an email from a reader, who has had that experience reading my books, or a comment from one of you, I'm so grateful for the brief moment I was blessed to connect and commune with each individual. And I hunger for more.

When I feel like this business is too hard, the waiting too long, the mean-spirited critics too loud, I need to find that hunger, that truth, that hope. Nourish it. And release it to the world once more.

I especially love all of you. I love your patience and loyalty. I love your devotion to books--especially mine!

Next post, pictures! I promise.


  1. And I love everything you write, Angela!

    Glad you're having a great time. Must be awesome being among writers 24/7 :)

  2. It is! It is! I highly recommend it. Hope your plans for grad school are progressing.

  3. Me too Angela :) I hope this will be the year for a new book from you.


  4. My agent is marketing both MY ONLY LOVE and SLIPPED to publishers. I hope we can get at least one of them out in 2013. Smaller publishers tend to release books faster, so if we signed with a smaller press, they might get a book in your hands this winter.

  5. Thanks, Bee and Michelle! You've been wonderful supporters. I consider you great friends!

  6. I have a crit partner that's at Vermont College. She flies in a few times a year from Tucson and is in their writing program. I wonder if your paths will wver cross. She's also in LDS and in ANWA.

  7. Is she in the adult program or the YA/Children's program? If she's in the YA/children's program, she'll be here now! We're all going to church together on Sunday. I'll look for her.