Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Saigon-style Wedding!

After another lovely day with Kay's family and a delicious home-cooked Vietnamese luncheon, we got all dressed up and headed over to the New World Hotel for the big event. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Al and I posing with a poster-size photo of Andy and Kay in traditional Vietnamese dress. 

Al and I in the reception hall. 

Andy and Kay with Kay's family. 

These girls in pink helped greet guests and later danced. Andy and Kay personally greeted all 300 guests as they arrived and posed for pictures with everyone who came.

Bouquets of yellow roses flanked the stage and cheered every table.

Cutting the cake!

Andy and Kay on-stage with the MC. Kay's parents and Allen and I joined them. The two fathers spoke. Then Andy had a few words to say. Then a confetti canon went off!

The pink girls dancing.

This is our table. Nine dishes were served--one at a time on a circular disc that spun like  laisy susan. Yes, I got sooo full!

The menu!

We had a fantastic time. Everyone was so kind and friendly to us. Both Andy and Kay were gracious and smiling through the whole evening. I was so proud of them. We're delighted to have Kay join our family--and feel like we've gained a whole new family in Vietnam. 

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