Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm Back with Last Thailand Pictures!

I'm back! I'm back. I can't believe it's been a whole two months since I posted. I got deathly ill on the last leg of our flight home from Thailand.

It was kind of crazy. We visited Vietnam, traveled through the countryside there, and spent a week in Thailand eating at beach side restaurants and village cafes. No problem with my stomach. We flew back home via LAX. Overnighted at an airport hotel and flew home the next morning. It's just a short, 50 minute flight from LA home to Phoenix. I spent it barfing in the bathroom. Ick. The flight attendants kept telling me the seatbelt light was still on, but hey, no way they wanted me in my seat. I'd somehow contracted the nasty stomach virus that you heard about in the news. Remember those poor cruise ship passengers? I know exactly what they went through.

I was bedridden for a few days after we got home. I started feeling better, but was upside down with my sleeping. It took me weeks to shake the jet lag. Needless to say, I was behind in everything. As soon as I caught up, I had to take a quick trip up to my mother's in Idaho. I flew home with her and my nephew and hosted a houseful of family for my niece's wedding. Phew! The wedding was fairytale perfect and the bride and groom are honeymooning in Hawaii. My house guests have gone home, so here I am. Back at the blog.

I promised you a few last shots from Thailand. These were taken in a village between our resort and Khoa Lak. One of these restaurants could have been the bar where Michael hung out so he could get WiFi and chat with Leesie. It was so nostalgic to visit this area and imagine Michael there missing Leesie.

Here I am in front of a typical Thai streetscape.
This restaurant/bar is the most likely candidate for Michael's internet bar. 

We went to the local market in the village. This was the parking lot.

The market was teeming with locals and tourists bargain hunting.

Here I am in front of the restaurant where we ate. It was too nice to be Michael's bar. The food was delicious!

Another candidate for Michael's internet hotspot.

If I remember right, this is fresh coconut juice. Notice she sells it in a plastic bag. To drink, you stick a straw through the plastic and enjoy!

We saw all kinds of grilled meats at the market.

The interior of the lovely restaurant where we ate.

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