Monday, May 21, 2012

And the Breaking Beautiful Winners are . . . !!!

I've finally drawn the winners for the Breaking Beautiful contest. Thanks for your patience. It's worth the wait--believe me. You'll love Jen's book. Thanks so much for entering and helping me spread the word about it. She's hard at work writing a second book that will come out fall 2013. I've got a June 1st deadline on my work in progress--that's why I'm so late with the contest results.

Okay, drum roll . . . .

The winners are:

Grand Prize - Breaking Beautiful goes to Jessica Asato!!

The Breaking Beautiful / Michael + Lessie swag packs go to Jennie Smith, Vivien, Stephanie, and Erin!

And the signed first edition hardcover of Taken by Storm goes to Annette!

So congratulations all! If I have your email, you should get a note soon asking for your address. If I don't have your email, please send me your address at angelamorrison at mac dot com!

Thanks again for entering. I wish I could send you all a copy! You all need to read it NOW!


  1. Yeahhh!!! So happy Angel, you don't have idea! My first international contest and I won!! Thank you so much!
    I hope bring the review on Meine Liege blog!! Congratulations to all of us!!

    Kisses and huges!

  2. I can't believe I'm among the winners! I just woke up here in Poland and it made my day! :) When it comes to e-mail address - it's on your list, it's the only one with "pl" at the end :) Thank you so much for making this happen and sorry for my latest comment - believe me, if only I knew that you were so busy, I wouldn't disturb you.

    Thanks again and congratulations to everyone! :)

  3. Annette! I actually don't have access to the blog's email list. Blogger privacy thing. Can you email me your address, so I can mail you your prize? It's angelamorrison at mac dot com. Thanks and congratulations.

  4. Your prizes are all on the way, winners! Congratulations and thanks again for entering.