Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Giveaway!

This Christmas I'm hosting a giveaway where everyone wins! I'm offering all three ebooks in the TAKEN BY STORM saga FREE!!

If you haven't read all three books yet or know friends who would enjoy Michael and Leesie's love story, here's your chance to get or share them free.

This is the first free promotion I've run for TAKEN BY STORM's new ebook. To get your free copy, go to Storm on Smashwords, click buy, and enter coupon code BC82K at checkout to download a free copy. The code is good until June 30, 2013. Feel free to share it with friends and followers. Smashwords has a gifting option that makes it easy to give. You can give as many ebooks to friends as you'd like.

UNBROKEN CONNECTION and CAYMAN SUMMER ebooks are only available via Kindle. Amazon has free Kindle apps and software for any device you own, so you don't have to own a Kindle to get them.

UNBROKEN CONNECTION is on free promotion starting midnight tonight through December 27th at midnight.

CAYMAN SUMMER is also free tonight at midnight but only through December 26th at midnight. It will be free again starting December 27th at midnight through December 29th at midnight.

Got that? Okay, enjoy!

I hope to have news of a new book for you soon.

Merry Christmas!


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