Saturday, April 19, 2014


I've got some exciting news for my devoted readers who've waited and waited and waited for a new book from me. The wait is just about over!!

Last fall, after some deep soul-searching, I left my agent, and now I'm managing my work myself. I finished my revision of SLIPPED and am happy to report it is under consideration with an editor I'm dying to work with.

After even more soul-searching, I decided to indie publish my historical coming-of-age love story, AN OCEAN ATWEEN US.

It will be available, literally, any day!!!  I hired my son's company, iqSoup, to design the cover, and their illustrator is working on an original painting for it right now.

Here's the rough sketch to give you an idea of what we're planning. I can't wait to see this come to life.

I've been working on the back cover text. So, imagine the painting above with a handsome brooding hero staring out at you. You pick up the book, flip it over, and read:

Will Glover, a proud Scots coal mining lad, is forced to leave Lucie, the lass he loves, behind when his father commits the family to a mining venture in the New World. Despite the ocean that will separate them, he vows to return for her. Angry with his father and broken-hearted, he resents the dangers he must face and nurtures the loneliness in his soul. One devastating letter, brings all his plans crashing to the ground. Will he spend the rest of his life cankered with bitterness or learn to forgive and love again?

SING ME TO SLEEP and TAKEN BY STORM readers will recognize the luminous, heart-wrenching, coming-of-age love story they’ve come to expect from award-winning, critically acclaimed author, Angela Morrison, set in a very different time and place. After decades of research and rewriting, Morrison brings you a story inspired by her own heritage and what she terms her “masterpiece.”  

AN OCEAN ATWEEN US is the first book in Morrison’s WE, GLOVER'S series, a family saga told in intense, coming-of-age journeys, from one generation to the next.

You want to read more, right?

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