Monday, June 2, 2014

Thank You Presents for all my Readers!

Thank you all for your support of AN OCEAN ATWEEN US! You are already making a difference. I've got three presents to show you how grateful I am for your continued support..

First, SING ME TO SLEEP will be free on Kindle tomorrow, Tuesday, June 3, and June 9 and 16th!

Second, I am posting TAKEN BY STORM in its entirety on WATTPAD.COM! Enjoy and please tell your  friends.

And, third, here's an excerpt from AN OCEAN ATWEEN US! It's still just $0.99 on Kindle.  Watch this blog. I'll be posting more excerpts. (Read first three chapters free at

From Chapter 1,  Who will kiss me?

 . . .  I scan the other maids dancing in the shadows of the coal works. I’ve kent them all forever. Like Lucie, here, who I’m spinning and catching like I have so many times afore.

“Will ye be playing for us tonight?” Lucie eyes the wee pipe that hangs about my neck from a bit of yarn snitched from Mither’s workbasket.

“Aye, lassie.”

Lucie steps to the center and her feet flash as the other maids make way for her to perform the setting steps. She’s always light and fleet. Moves like a fairy. She spins and faces me again.

“William Glover, the Fourth.” She drawls out my full name with a fetching frown on her face. “It’s no proper for ye to be calling me lassie no more.”

Lucie has her thick, black hair pulled back and pinned up. I’m used to seeing it long and dirty, filled with more rats than the coal pits, flying every place at once. I do not have the heart to tell her about the swatch come loose from her pins and hanging down her back.

“Begging yer pardon, Mistress Lucie.” I squeeze the hard-worked hand she fits into mine. “Ye do look like a proper maid this evening.” There’s warmth behind my words that surprises us both. My face gets hot, and Lucie turns pink. She grows confused and misses a turn.

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