Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leesie's next poem to finish off Chapter 5

I worked through all the chapters fixing things. Not that many changes after all. This poem finishes off Chapter 5. I'm revising Chapter Six--two dive logs from Michael. You'll get those tomorrow. Thanks for hanging in there. I'm back to forward momentum. Warning: I don't know how long it will last. I often have to go back and rework the earlier chapters before I can press forward.

So this is Chapter 5 continued . . .

POEM # 77, HOME?

Run home,
run home,
run home.


Run home,
run home,
run home.


Michael discovers me,
laptop slammed closed
on my stretched out thighs,
my body propped 
straight up in my
bed that sits for me,
beating my broken hand
against my glossy head.

“Whoa, babe. Stop.”
His hand closes around mine.
“Kim’s an idiot. It won’t be
that bad. I promise.”
I slit open one eye
like a cornered creature,
realize he’s talking about
our first time. My face
squinches up. “Do you think
I’m heartless?” emerges beyond
my control.

He doesn’t answer right away,
doesn’t pat my head and kiss it better.


He won’t meet my eyes. “Please,
let me call your dad. That’s what
I feel worst about.”

My eyes drop, too. “Phil’s funeral
is tomorrow.”
“Can I call in the morning?”
Our hands meet in the covers.
“Kim’s going to call and—”
“Then I should, too. Please.”
He kisses my head, and I melt.
His next kiss finds my mouth,
speaks relief. “You’re not heartless.”
His lips press against my beating,
bandaged sternum.

I should warn him about Jaron
who is probably calling right now,
screaming into the phone,
cursing me—cursing Michael.
Maybe Kim called first.
“What time is it there?”
He glances at the silver globe
iPod dock alarm clock by my bed.
“About 8:15.”
“Call him tonight then. 
Back at your hotel.”
He nods, frowns. “You’re
okay? I can leave?”
I force a smile and hold up
my white nurse buzzer.
“Yup. I’ve got nurses.”

I hold his lips too long
when he puts them on mine
to say good-night. “I’ll
stay ’til you sleep.”
I kiss him once more, push
him away. “No. Call him.”


  1. Ohh, that's kind of scary. I'm worried for Michael now. Being shouted at on the phone isn't nice. Oh dear. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  2. Relax, Jo. It's Leesie's dad. He's based on my grandfather who never shouted. But I'm glad this made you nervous. I didn't think of that. Good. It's great to know there's some tension building.

  3. Oh, good! That's good to know! But there are bound to be words, he's not going to be happy. I don't think Michael is going to be his most favourite person right now. So yes, I'm nervous :)

  4. I missed this for a few days, but yay, it's so good to be back with L & M.
    Love the first 4 verses of the poem.

  5. I'm glad you're back, Bee. I need help with names for yesterday's post.

  6. I can't believe he thought that was about the first time, lol