Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Second half of Chapter 19

Today's post is dedicated to Myrrhaya who spent her birthday waiting for it. Happy Birthday!

I'm sorry I'm late. I strained my back yesterday and couldn't move much today. Or think. But rest and Ibuprofen have done wonders, so here's today's post and then I'll return to lying flat on my back. I also struggled with how to write this scene. I know I promised you a Michael dive log, but this had to be from Leesie. And the next scene must, must, must be from Michael, so we've got another poem today. You'll notice I don't follow a strict rotation, giving everyone equal time. I try to share it out, but I'm the first one to jump on fellow authors for POV cop out--moving to another character's POV or skipping the scene altogether if it's too emotionally difficult--so I'm hyper about doing it myself. This needed to be from Leesie.

Tomorrow I promise a long, long dive log from Michael.

POEM # ??, ICE

Michael’s on the balcony,
checking email before
he has to head out.
I fiddle with French toast,
pout, not going with,
the boat’s full.

We’re out of eggs now,
bread, butter and bacon.
A walk to the store.
An hour on the beach
to work my tan
and Alex’s free weights.

“Leese, there’s news.”
His voice finds me,
draws me to him.
“From who?”
He closes up his laptop.
“Stan the Man.”
His wizardly lawyer—
mine now, too.

Fright grips me
like all of the sudden
I grip Michael’s arm.
My stomach turns upside
down and a cold chill
in my veins makes
all my healed hurts
pulse together with pain.
“What?” Is all I can mumble.
Manslaughter? Vehicular homicide?
Reckless endangerment?
Will there be a trial or will
I just go to prison?

Michael trades me for the computer
on his lap, barricades
me in his arms. I take cover
in his the soft cotton T-shirt
hiding his chest.
He strokes my head. “Good news.”
“Do the police want me back?”
“Stan can deal with the trial
without my presence?”
“What trial?”
“Just tell me the charges.”
“Driving too fast for conditions.
He already paid the fine.”
I close my eyes tight and my hands
ball up with bits of his shirt caught in them.
“You’re lying. Tell me the truth.”

He kisses the scars on the back of my left hand.
“There was ice on the road.”
I sit up and concentrate on his deep gray eyes.
He presses his face alongside mine.
“The police say that’s why you crashed.”

“Ice?” I pull away from his tenderness.
My face knits into confusion.
“We were fighting—
like I told you—an awful fight—the worst.
I lost control. That’s why
we crashed. It’s my fault.
I killed him.
Not the ice.”
His hands cup my face.
“I believe you, babe. I do.
But there was ice
on the highway, too.”

My eyes blink and I shiver.
“All hail—the Ice Queen cometh.”
Bitterness drips from my lips.

“Hush, babe. Don’t.”
He presses my head back down
to his chest. Holds me tight.
“Let’s call your dad tonight.
It’s time to mend more than
broken bones.”
“No.” I curl close to him,
trying to steal the warmth
from his body.
“Think about it.”
He cradles me, kisses me,
leaves me gripped
tight in a fetal prison
on the chaise lounge
contemplating the possibilities
of ice.


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  2. I didn't even think of the possibility of ice! Good twist. Love the sweet comfort scene between Michael and Leesie. They're the ultimate comfort couple. They even comfort me! Another beautiful and wonderful poem. I love your poems. They inspire me. I loooooved this and can't wait for Michael's log tomorrow! I've been extremely exhausted all week, and this definitely helped. :)

  3. Sorry Angela i am crying how could i not be? after reading those last five words!

    contemplating the possibilities
    of ice.

    not to mention the dedication that alone is the best gift i've received all day! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This post was totally worth the wait! I'm excited to see how this will effect Leesie in chapters to come! you are oh so AMAZING! i hope your back gets to feeling better ~myrrhaya~

  4. I agree this needed to be from Leesie. I hope Michael convinces her to call home -- can't wait to see what comes next!

  5. Loved it. Ice on the road..that is why they crashed. Maybe now she can try to forgive herself..

  6. This is what I've been waiting for. Hopefully, this can get them on the road to healing spiritually!!

  7. i glad nothing happened to leesie ,but i agree with michael i think its time to go home. it was not her fault.

  8. Ice on the road. This is something I never saw coming.

  9. Eeeek with the ice! I have to say this chapter was a bit watery-eyed for me.