Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bee's Visions in Ink

We return to Bee's DREAMCATCHER'S LAIR for her review today. She writes so beautifully that I love to savor her posts. I hope to enjoy Bee's own "visions in ink" someday soon. She's been an incredible support, especially this past year through UNBROKEN CONNECTION's independent release and the CAYMAN SUMMER journey. She was there every day, post by post, cheering me on and loving my characters. Thank you, Bee. You're fantastic. If I can EVER do anything for you, just ask. You've been there for me. I'd love to be there for you.

Here's today's scrapbook photos. This is my hubby and I on the trip to Cozumel where I heard about the real accident that took the lives of a boat full of divers. I went home and looked it all up, followed the tributes and news stories online, and started asking myself, "What if?"

Can you make this out? This is the actual boat we dove on. It's a doctored up photo I copied from Scubadu's website, so it doesn't have great res, but it gives you the feel.

Once Michael emerged during my freewrite at Vermont College, I decided he was going to be from Phoenix. I was living in London, Ontario, Canada at the time and missed cactus and ocotillo. I knew enough about Phoenix high schools to make it believable.

Watch for tomorrow's post. I'm going to share my baby brother's photos of Tekoa that he and his wife drove clear across Washington to take for me when I needed good pictures for a trailer. Dave and Jen have also been amazing support throughout this journey. Jen, who you'll soon know as Jennifer Shaw Wolf is a incredible storyteller and I can't wait to introduce you all to her. Her novel, BREAKING BEAUTY, will be out next spring. It's gripping. I got to work with her on it--mostly cheering section--and she had five agents fighting over it. You're all going to want to read it for sure.

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  1. Thank you for those lovely words, Angela. I've loved being with you and your characters. And those photos are great. Amazing to see the things that sparked off Leesie and Michael's story :)