Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today,  the blog tour journey's to author Rachelle J. Christensen's beautiful pink blog, Rachellewrites.  Wow! Such a lovely review. Rachelle is the very first blogger to review CAYMAN SUMMER. I'm honored to visit her blog. Check out her review. She's a Michael and Leesie addict, too! She also reviewed TAKEN BY STORM and UNBROKEN CONNECTION. You'll enjoy those reviews, too. Thanks, Rachelle. 

I'm guest posting on her blog Friday. And, of course, I'm way behind on that! I better get busy. My trailer maker has been ill, so the new trailer featuring all the books I was going to debut on my YouTube channel, AngelaTheAuthor, yesterday is late. I hope to have it up tomorrow.  (Maybe tonight if we're lucky!)

Thanks for your patience. I'm traveling and miss my high-speed internet at home.

I've wanted to create a Michael and Leesie scrapbook since TAKEN BY STORM came out and never got around to it, so I'm going to include a picture or two in every post throughout the tour so you can all see the places that inspired me.

Here's one of the very first sights and memories that became TAKEN BY STORM! This is Vermont College. This is where Michael first made it out of my head and onto the page during a freewrite. Did you read all about it in my interview with Bee on Dreamcatcher's Lair? I hope so. I also found Leesie during that MFA in Writing for Children's and YA residency. I wrote the poem about her grandmother after a profound experience I had one night alone in my dorm room with my own grandmother. So, even though there's no mention of this wonderful place in Montpelier, VT where I found my voice as a writer and enjoyed amazing, amazing mentors and made lifelong friends and colleagues, it played a pivotal role in the birth of TAKEN BY STORM!

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