Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gone with the Pen

I'm still at ANWA's very fun retreat--"Gone with the Pen." I went out for a beautiful early morning walk. Fresh mountain air. Warm pine scent. Restful. Still except for the birds and squirrels. I turned around to retrace my steps back to the cabin, and a deer bounded off into the woods. A few yards farther and I came across a second deer calmly nibbling on a bush. She stared at me. I stared back. I pulled my phone out to snap a quick shot of proof, and  . . . I forgot to charge it last night and the battery was dead. I held my breath and smiled at the deer. She kept eating. I turned my phone off and on, and voila! I got a snippet of power and got this shot of her. I enlarged it some, but phone photos don't have the res to make them really big. I think you can see how bored she is with me.

I was fascinated watching her nibble at the bush. She kept stopping and staring at me. Okay. I get the hint. A little privacy, please. Wander back down the road with me. Breathe deeply. It's crisp and cool and perfect this morning. Leave the road and wander into the forest. Let your feet sink into the thick layer of pine needles and dead leaves.  More Michael and Leesie memories tomorrow, but today I'm gone with the pen.

Here's the cabin we're all sharing. Hilarious bunch of talented women here.

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    Tha Cabin it´s pretty. I always want one like this in merida.

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