Friday, July 15, 2011

Back to Venezuela with Nyra and Hong Kong Temple with Michael

I'm back!! And very happy to take the blog tour back to Venezuela for a beautiful, touching review from Nyra Escribiendo! Nyra posted her thoughts about CAYMAN SUMMER in both English and Spanish, so I need you all to visit her blog and give her some love and hugs. I got all teary-eyed reading her post. Nyra is like so many of you--a golden reader, perfectly attuned to my books. Thank you, Nyra. Thanks to all of you. You warm my heart, and you're why I keep writing.

The next locale I want to share with you is the LDS temple in Hong Kong. That scene was one of the first UNBROKEN CONNECTION scenes that came to me. So, open your copy of UNBROKEN CONNECTION to Chapter 30 and read that scene again with these pictures in front of you. I still love Brother Gilbert. He's like many older Mormon men I've known--especially temple workers. So many started out just like Michael.

If I remember right, this is the street-side of the wall. 

The garden is small but full of brilliant tropical blooms.

I love these doors. During the day, they are always open.

I believe this says, "Holiness to the Lord" in Chinese characters. Every temple has those words inscribed on it.

The Hong Kong temple is the first high-rise temple. The temple is on two floors and the other floors have chapels for local congregations to gather in, classrooms for Sunday school, scripture classes, and auxiliary meetings, mission offices, and offices for local leaders. 

More of the garden where Michael meditated, haunted by Leesie.

Aren't the stone columns beautiful?

More lovely flowers. 

When you step through the doors into the courtyard, you are welcomed by a bigger pool and fountain. The running water helps deaden the Hong Kong traffic zooming by on the other side of the wall. Temples are quiet, reverent places.

Ah, here's the door. Only adult members in good standing can go in the temple and do ordinances there.  There are beautiful waiting rooms for wedding guests who are too young or aren't members of the LDS church. Couples married in the temple are sealed together forever--not just this life. Couples who weren't married in the temple can go there and be sealed to each other and all their children. The kids get to go in the temple then. Everyone wears white in the temple.

The garden is small, but raised beds and terraces expand the space.

I imagine Michael sat in a corner like this one.

Here's a better view of it. Picture Michael sitting with his head in his hands right there! Enter Brother Gilbert.  If you are curious about LDS temples, you can visit for more information.

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