Monday, July 18, 2011

My City of Glass

Ooh, the blog tour is at another beautiful blog today, Selene's My City of Glass. I'm working on an interview with Selene, too, and will update you on when that will run.

Picture today are photos on found on the internet when I was trying to write Leesie and Phil's drive through Montana. I've made that drive but needed GoogleEarth's maps and photos to jog my memory. I love GoogleEarth. You can actually "drive" down the highway. I also found a live traffic cam on the top of LookOut Pass.

I drove up there and took pictures last summer when I went back to Tekoa for my high school reunion. I'll share those tomorrow. And then we'll be ready for CAYMAN SUMMER photos. I started the blog with most of those, but I might be able to dig up a few more great photos of Grand Cayman. And some shots of the cave Michael and Leesie hid in on Cayman Brac.

Montana is so beautiful. Here's Leesie's take on it . . .

Bald foothills turning green
and deep blue skies decorated
with white tufted clouds
tune my soul to 
the joy of God's creations.
I drink like a child who's
played outside too long in the wind
and finally come home to supper.

Some of these water shots are the Clark Fork. They inspired Leesie to write,

I-90 twists and bends following
the curves of Clark's Fork--wild and white--
overloaded with spring run-off.
I wonder if Clark really loved Sacajawea
despite his wife and kids back home?
How could he do that? Sure he felt sorry
for her. I do, too.
We all do. But he had a wife.
Don't let Charbonneau hurt her, Clark.
But, geeze, go back home.

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