Friday, July 22, 2011


Andii asked me to tell her what my ten favorite things are for today's post on her cool blog, . It's very fun. Pictures. Short and sweet. AND she posted it in English and Spanish. Thanks so much, Andii! I've loved having you on this journey from start to finish.

Yesterday, you saw the best of Grand Cayman topside--gorgeous water, sand and sunsets. Today, let's check out how gorgeous it us under the that perfect turquoise water. Can you spot me in these photos with diving with my family? Look for the black flippy Force Fins. 

Dueling lobsters!

Easy to want to leap into water this enticing. 

Dive boats lined up along the wall. It gets busy at the best sites.

Yeah, that's me.

I'm holding onto the descent line here waiting out my ten minute safety stop. After every dive, a smart scuba diver waits ten minutes at 15' before surfacing to let nitrogen dissolved in her blood dissipate. 

Sea turtles swim hold their breath when they dive--just like Michael. And they stay down a long time and dive even deeper than our hero!

Spotted Eagle Ray in the distance. My favorite Cayman critter!


  1. Thanks for sharing Angela! :) I loved the pictures so much. I really want to see the things you saw. But as much as I hate to admit it - I'm scared of the water.

  2. The water can be scary--especially when you don't know what's underneath you. Its kind of scary to jump in when the water is rough--lots of waves and a heavy current. You have to know what you are doing and trust your dive guide. Then even currents and lots of waves are fun.