Thursday, July 21, 2011


I'm running around packing for our vacation and, of course, I didn't get lots of posts written and set to post automatically while I'm gone. I'm taking my computer, so I should be able to stay in touch. Grand Cayman is one of our favorite places, so I did find loads more pictures to share with you!

My daughter, Rachel, took these shots at the East End dive resort where Michael and Leesie stayed. Can you imagine them walking along enjoying these sunsets? More tomorrow. I found lots of great underwater photos, too. And I'll be visiting Andii's blog--so that should be awesome! She asked me to post about my ten favorite things.

I forgot this swing was there. That would have made a good scene.

1 comment:

  1. oh! it's beautiful!!
    and i'm almost ready for the post tomorrow ;)
    it's a shame you have to leave, it's beautiful there!
    have a nice day!