Thursday, July 19, 2012

Leesie Q&A LIVE

Day 4 in our celebration! We welcome Leesie for questions.  Don't forget to enter the big giveaway!  Download the new Kindle Taken by Storm ebook for only $0.99. And through Friday, July 20th at midnight get Unbroken Connection and Cayman Summer free. They will be on sale for $0.99 after the promo.

Today I'm featured on Rachellewrite's as her Thursday Thought guest blogger. Thanks, Rachelle for hosting me! Stop by and read my thought, "Take Joy in the Miracle of Creation."

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Now, here's. Leesie. Welcome!

Leesie: Thanks, its good to be here. Sorry Michael was so grumpy. He's so into privacy these days.
Angela: What did you think that first day when you walked into physics and there he was sitting in the back row? Were you attracted to him? Love at first sight?
Leesie: Every girl within a fifty-mile radius was attracted to him. Physics wasn't the first time I saw him. Tekoa High School has less than a hundred students. He was in all my classes. So beautiful. So wounded. You know that Kelly Clarkson song, "Beautiful Disaster?" That was Michael. I tried not to stare, but my eyes betrayed me. They searched for him and stuck every time they found him. DeeDee was the first person to talk to him. Poor guy. When he told her to, "get the hell away" from him and caught me staring again, my face flushed hot. At least I had my big, fat physics book to hide behind. My heart raced. I could barely breathe. Yes, I was attracted to him. And when I had to put my book down when class started, he was staring at me.
Angela: A reader wants to know what you favorite line in Taken by Storm is.
Leesie: "I'm much better online than in person." It's so true!
Angela: Michael says you like the new cover.
Leesie: Yeah, it's great. I can imagine myself more in that picture. No faces. Michael complains about the pink sky, but I love it. Have you told them about the posters? They look great.
Angela: Are you writing any new poetry?
Leesie: I wrote a ton on my mission. We had an hour every day to journal, so I wrote every day. I've been too busy lately. I'm taking creative writing, though. That will force me to write.
Angela: Another reader asked how your faith has been tested over the years. Has you faith made things easier or more difficult?
Leesie: Good question. My faith is an integral part of who I am. It caused problems between Michael and me at first, but it made me the girl he fell in love with. If I hadn't been shaped all my life by going to church, praying, and listening for the answers, would I have had anything to offer him in his darkest days just after the hurricane? He didn't know it, but it was my faith that offered him the peace he felt when he was with me. I had the hardest challenges when I felt I was no longer worthy of my faith. When I felt I wasn't good enough to pray anymore. To evil to be forgiven. That was a lie. Michael, who didn't believe, saw that before I did. No matter what happens you can always turn to the Father of us all. His love is constant.
Angela: Okay, this one is a SPOILER ALERT. Readers, if you haven't read all three books, skip this question and ask your own in the comments. Ready, Leesie? Michael filled us in on your immediate future plans. A reader asked how many kids you guys want to have. Michael said you want 20! True?
Leesie: If they all look like Michael, I'd have twenty kids in a heartbeat. My Mom had a hard time getting pregnant after me and Phil. I don't know if I'll have the same problem later. So far--that hasn't been an issue for us.
Angela: Are you making an announcement?
Leesie: No. It's too soon to go public--but feel free to read between the lines. I'll just say I recently dropped my 8:00 a.m. class. Mornings are yucky.
Angela: So this is way to early for you. We'll leave it at that then. Go back to bed and get some rest. Eat soda crackers.
Leesie: Okay, thanks. I'll stop by later if anyone has more questions.
Angela: Thanks so much for being here, Leesie. Everyone here loves you and wants to wish you and Michael a long and happy forever together.
Leesie: Now you're going to make me cry. I'm so emotional these days. Bye!


  1. Awww....:) That is all I will say. I'm so happy for them! They will have beautiful kids. Leesie is still as cute as ever! Your love story is beautiful, heartbreaking, and so amazing. Love it. I love hearing about what you are up too, so glad you're happy- you and Michael deserve a happy forever!

  2. Thanks, Chaleese. That is so sweet.