Monday, July 25, 2011


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I know you all love to hear about Michael. Today he takes us to work. Here is the training pool were he taught in CAYMAN SUMMER. Can you see Leesie sitting on the pool's edge with her arm in a sling watching Michael's every move?

This shot was taken in the Virgin Islands, but you can see what it's like training kids to use all that scuba gear. Yup, these are my kids getting their first scuba lessons.

This is my daughter, Rachel! See the sucba tanks behind her? That's what Michael has to lug off the boat and refill every night. He works so hard. I love that about him.

This is the small condo complex where Michael and Leesie's apartment with all those crazy divers was. Wonder which window was there's?

Once the classroom and pool work is done, this is where they take the students for their first open-water ocean dives. Nice office Michael's got, huh?

Rachel hooking up her regulators to the scuba tank.

Job well done!

Rachel likes to take up-close micro shots.

Leesie met her new roommates right here!

And woke up to this beautiful sky!

And sat on this beach until Michael got back from the morning's dives.

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