Friday, July 29, 2011


I've been on a cruise ship all this week with zero internet access. Did I fool you? I haven't been able to post on FB or Tweet much or even check my email, but thanks to blogger's automatic post feature, I was able to keep posting through this last week of the tour. 

MONDAY, August 1st, is the final day to enter my MICHAEL + LEESIE FOREVER CONTEST! And remember, if you like my author page on FaceBook, you get an extra entry. The contest closes 12:00 a.m. AZ time--same as Pacific Time!

I'll announce the winners on August 3rd!! I'm excited to send M+L M&Ms out to the first thirty who entered. I'm ordering special mini ice packs and padded foil envelopes so they don't melt in the heat wave. Phoenix is always too hot for chocolate in the summer, but this year the whole country is. I hope I don't have trouble mailing them internationally! 

My husband and Rachel took an underwater photo course from the world-famous Kathy Church Underwater Photography school during one of our Cayman trips. They were using big strobe flashes, so the color is great. I'm supposed to be on the beach today, snorkeling. I'm in Bermuda--not Cayman--but I could see a lot of the same things. Except, of course, the statue. I totally forgot about that underwater statue on Grand Cayman. I've never done that dive. It's not where we usually go. That could have made an amazing scene. The swing and the statue. I missed out. You guys will have to use your imaginations!

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