Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Downtown Tekoa!

I've got pictures of downtown Tekoa for you. This is Main Street. I think it has another name, but we always called it that.  

This is the hardware store. It's one of the nicest buildings. I didn't set anything here. I hardly ever went inside it.

Here's the drug store. Michael goes in here to buy condoms. The only person there to buy them from is an old lady--most likely Gram's friend. He bolts.

This is a great shot of the street. My brother bought the two small building's in the middle on the left side. He's restoring them. He uncovered original wood and bricks. Really cool. Notice the Variety Store on the right?

This gives you a longer view of the street. Notice the Variety Store again? After bolting from the drug store, Michael went in there. He melted down in the shampoo aisle searching for Leesie's shampoo.

Isn't this cute? It wasn't there when I lived in Tekoa.
 One more wheat shot, for good measure! I can't resist posting them.

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