Saturday, June 25, 2011


Good morning! The tour today goes to Venezuela for an interview with Nyra at Escribiendo. My Latin readers and bloggers have been some of the most loyal. Thanks, Nyra, for the interview and supporting the tour. I'm impressed with how well you all read and write English, but I'm holding out hopes for Spanish editions. We got into Brazil. Maybe the Spanish market is next!

Here's a few more shots of the Florida Keys. The Keys are a chain of islands tied together with a highway down the middle. This is the typical scene as you drive anywhere!

This was taken from Seven Mile Bridge of what's left of Flagler's Railroad.

Another shot of the railroad. Flagler had this great idea to tie the islands together with a railroad. People called it Flagler's Folly.
Typical Keys tourist shop. Makes it fun!


  1. is easier to read than write,
    Angela, la entrevista de Nyra quedo de mil maravillas
    muchos besitos
    los paisajes estan hermosos

  2. Welcome, Stephany! Yeah. I understand. I can read some French, speak a little, but trying to write it? Forget it about it. Thanks for stopping by.