Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here are all the lucky winners from my gigantic comment contest. I'll send emails out tomorrow, but I wanted to get this posted tonight. If you've never given me your email and you are a winner, please put it in a comment below or email your address to angelamorrison [at] mac [dot] com.

If I don't have your contact information and you don't respond by February 20th, I'll choose another winner.

Congratulations everybody and thank you so much for all the amazing feedback and critique you gave me all through this journey. It's going to be so valuable as I start revising.

Taken by Storm paperback
1. Raila
2. Bee
3. Brandi
4. Midnight Thief
5. Jennie
Unbroken Connection
1. Gayle
2. Kulsuma
3. Itzel Library
4. Brandi
5. Nora
Cayman Summer (when it releases)
1. Sana G.
2. Mavie
3. Flippin'Fabulous
4. Bee
5. Itzel Library
6. Jo
7. Brandi
8. Jenna
9. Laura
10. PinkStuff28
Taken by Storm Set
1. Michelle
Taken by Storm hardcover
1. Bee
2. Darlyn
3. Jo
Marked Taken by Storm
1. Laura
Sing me to Sleep hardcover
1. Chaleese
2. Jo
3. Bee
Marked Sing me to Sleep
1. Gayle
Leesie's Shell necklace from Cayman Summer (that I never got a picture taken of--sorry)
1. Gayle
2. Brandi
3. Raila

30 page critique 
1. Erika
2. Jo
10 page critique
1. Bee
2. Brandi
3. C.K. Bryant

I'll email everyone tomorrow. If you don't hear from me, please email me and claim your prize(s). (Or leave a comment below with your email.) Congratulations again and a gigantic THANK YOU!

Now I need to get to work revising . . .