Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm back with great news. CAYMAN SUMMER is done--at least my final revision. My son is getting the design process underway, and we'll have books to send to all of you contest winners and for you to purchase by the first week in May--if all goes well.

I've posted the final revision on two pages--see them up at the top? That way if anyone drops in and just wants to read the book, it's easy to find.

Please, take a look. You guys are my editorial board. If you see anything from typos to continuity errors to stuff you thought I was going to change, drop me a comment or email. It's not too late to make changes. I worked hard to get everything right and had my Vermont College critique pal (Kathi Baron--whose novel, SHATTERED, you need to read!) edit through it for me, but that doesn't mean I caught everything. Give me your freshest, critical eyes, okay?

When I said I was going to hide away and finish the revision, I had no idea it would be for an entire month. I've missed you all. It's fantastic to be back. Stay tuned for more news. I'm not going away again--at least not for a whole month.