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The hands-down, absolute best part about blogging Cayman Summer is all YOUR comments. To show my gratitude for your ideas, critiques, character names and constant cheering and to encourage lots more comments along the way, I've put together this give-away. 

Everyone who comments will receive one entry for every comment he/she makes on any post. It's that easy. You're already entered, and you didn't even know it. (I reserve the right to disqualify inappropriate, rude, or clearly spam comments.)

If you tell me in your comment that you've shared the post anywhere and anyway (blog, FaceBook, Twitter, GoodReads, email to your best friend, phone call to your grandmother), you'll receive an extra entry for each place you've shared it. 

Anyone who runs blog posts about the CAYMAN SUMMER blog in general or this contest, will receive FIVE extra entries. Please, post links to your posts in the comment section of this post. (Or email me the links.) If you Tweet or FaceBook or something I've never heard of about the contest or the cool journey we're taking together, you'll receive two extra entries. 

If you've posted a review of ANY OF MY BOOKS on Amazon, GoodReads or your blog, remind me with a link below, and I can give you FIVE extra entries for each review (but not each venue).  

FROM DECEMBER 15TH to DECEMBER 30th VOTE FOR SING ME TO SLEEP for the GOODREADS CHOICE AWARD for YA FICTION, tell me on the blog, and receive an extra entry. Post your vote to FaceBook or Twitter and receive TWO extra entries. Post on your blog encouraging your followers to vote and receive FIVE extra entries.

You can win more than one prize, but you cannot win more than one of the same prize. 

This will cost me a fortune, but all contests are INTERNATIONAL. All over the world, you've found me and made me a part of your lives. This is my way to say THANKS!!

You will all be invited to a special event when CAYMAN SUMMER publishes with more prizes and cool goodies for all. We'll have lots to celebrate together. 


5 winners will receive a signed, paperback copy of 

5 winners will receive a signed, paperback copy of 

10 winners will receive a signed copy of
CAYMAN SUMMER, hot off the press--when it's off the press

One winner will receive a signed collection of all three books!

3 winners will receive a signed, first edition, hard cover copy of TAKEN BY STORM

1 winner will receive a signed, marked (that means I scribble notes to you in the margins throughout the book), first edition, hard cover copy of TAKEN BY STORM

3 winners will receive signed, first edition, hard cover copies of SING ME TO SLEEP!

1 winner will receive a signed, marked (yep, I scribble notes to you all through it), hardcover copy of SING ME TO SLEEP

Three winners will receive a special prize that I can't tell about yet. I'll post pictures when I get to that part in the book. It's a cool memento. You'll want it!


Tell me that you write in a comment, and I'll enter you in a contest for special writer prizes! I'll make a list and enter you every time you comment and share just like the other prizes.)

3 writers will receive first chapter/synopsis critiques (no more than 10 pages)

2 writers will receive 30 page/synopsis critiques 

Keep in mind, that I won't critique explicit material. Inappropriate material will be returned and another winner will be chosen. 

I reserve the right to change this all up if necessary, add or delete prizes, disqualify obnoxious spammers,  choose new winners if I can't find the first one, and change anything else if the need arises. 


  1. DARN. This is one of those (several) times that I wish I had the guts and/or time to keep a blog running. Anyway, so I have one entry already. YAY! And I have posted about this contest on my Facebook profile, so I guess that means one more entry =D
    Also, I already own my own, very wonderful, dog-eared copy of Unbroken Connection, but none of the other books, which I have read via the library. So is there any way to ensure I DON'T get another Unbroken Connection? I'd rather another die-hard fan without the book gets it. Okay thanks!

  2. And, Sana, you're entered for every comment you've made so far on ANY POST on the blog. You can get more entries every day.

    It would be too hard to keep track of who owns what and wants what. It's a draw your name out of the hat type of contest. I hope you get the books you don't own, but I can't make any promises. Sorry about that. You can turn down a prize or give it to a friend!

  3. This is so great! You are the best Angela!! I love your books, and your writing. You are fabulous.

  4. Hi Angela, you're a person simply amazing. A writer who reach readers know, we your fans keep in touch and keep the connection. Shared this awesome contest on my blog and facebook so I guess I have extra innings. I am also a writer, but I did not publish any work yet hope to do it sometime.
    We love you a lot Angela enormous greeting from Venezuela
    Here is the links:!/profile.php?id=566993547

  5. angela that is such an awesome giveaway! i look forward to reading caymen summer every time you post! =)!/profile.php?id=1477106894!/pages/YA-indie-princess/108905649155587

    happy writting angela

  6. What are you made of? What ARE you made of?

    No wonder I love you to death.
    I was ill and busy and missed some of the posts here, but I'm gonna catch up. Oh heck, I am!

  7. Wow, awesome contest! Really, great!
    I keep hearing the best things about Taken by Storm and Sing me to Sleep, they make me wish I lived in the USA to buy them!

    Thanks for making it international!

    On Facebook:

    On Twitter:

    On my sidebar:

    ella_press AT

  8. This is so awesome!!! I was a part of your blog tour for the first two books in the series. YAY! Here are the link to my Facebook. I will also be blogging about it to day on!/profile.php?id=501358758

  9. YES, this is WONDERFUL. I also talked about this contest to 2 of my non-facebooking friends and my sister as well. That's at least two more entries right? :P
    Oh that's alright, I knew it was a long shot. Yes, I'll do that. I HAVE GOT TO WIN, THOUGH! :D EEEEEEE! SO EXCITED.
    You are an awesome person, Angela. I pray for your and Cayman Summer's eventual success everyday.

  10. OMG- this is awesome!
    I am an aspiring writer so would love to be entered for that. I can't wait to finish Unbroken connection so I can read and comment on here!! (When does this end by the way so I can set a goal to finish UC and read on here too)

    I tweeted contest:!/brandileigh2003/status/2052478136754176
    Facebooked contest:
    sidebar(ed?) contest:
    Goodread status(ed) contest:
    Did blog post about contest:
    And reviewed Taken by Storm:

  11. I almost forgot, I reviewed Sing me to Sleep as well:

  12. This sounds like a great contest! I would very much like to enter.

    Put this contest at the sidebar of my blog.

    When I post about it I will put my link up also!

    Celine @
    Nyx Book Reviews

  13. This is an amazing giveaway!
    You go girl!
    I love the book covers...

    I'm a writer! Right now I'm in the middle of NaNo so I'd better get off the internet.


  14. I just twitted:

  15. Seriously, I've loved your books so much Angela. You know that, obviously from my reviews on my blog and goodreads! :) I'm starting Unbroken Connection right now. My sister (Chaleese, who is obsessed with Cayman Summer already...Ha ha)loves your books so much as well!
    Oh, and I love love LOVE your book covers! So pretty!
    I'm actually a writer, well, aspiring writer. :) I've been writing for 2 years now.
    Congratulations on all of the support you have received on your incredible journey! You're amazing! :D


  16. Cool Giveaway! You rock Angela!

    I've reviewed 'Sing Me To Sleep' on Good reads and my blog:

  17. I told my sister Chantele, (who commented above) about this blog!! :D

  18. Awesome! I'm glad to hear from you all. Keep commenting every day and you'll get more and more entries.

    Just to clarify. The contest doesn't end until I'm finished writing the rough draft of the book.

    I'm guessing that will be just before Christmas or sometime in January. I'm hoping for Christmas because that would be cool timing. It all depends on how much I get written.

  19. I've always wanted to read one of your books, but just never really gotten around to it. I got Taken by Storm one time from the library, but was kind of intimidated by the style of writing. I really want to give it a go, though. Sing Me to Sleep looks amazing, as do your other books, and I can't wait to read all of them someday. :)

  20. So Midnight Thief, go back to the library. STORM isn't hard to read. Just get into it!

  21. Midnight Thief, Storm is amazing!!! Read it.

  22. I LOVED your books (especially SING), and I can't wait to read more of your amazing writing. Watching Cayman Summer unfold has been amazing :)

    +1 Tweet about the contest
    +5 Review of Sing Me to Sleep
    +5 Review of Taken by Storm


  23. I've been dying to read your books! But I can't seem to get my hands on them! Also, I am a writer, currently participating in NaNoWriMo! Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!!

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  25. This is a seriously amazing contest, Angela! I loved Sing Me to Sleep so I'd love the opportunity to read Taken by Storm, Unbroken Coonection and Cayman Summer.

    +5 Sing Me to Sleep review

  26. (Sorry, I got my maths wrong in my last comment, lol.)

    Angela you are just amazing! How wonderful of you to hold such an amazing contest! You're awesome!

    Promoting the Contest:
    +2 Twitter:

    +2 Facebook:

    +5 Blog:

    Total - 9

    Blog posts on Cayman Summer in General:
    +5 Post 1:

    +5 Post 2:

    Total = 10

    +5 Sing Me to Sleep:

    +5 Taken By Storm:

    +5 Unbroken Connection:

    Total = 15

    Facebook Mentions:

    +1 Posted about my Chapter-by-Chapter Post (Does mentioning this elsewhere count? I doubt it, but just in case):

    Total = 1

    Grand Total: 35 or 34 (Depending on if that Facebook one counts)

    Finally, there's:
    - the email I sent to 15 bloggers - I don't know how many points it will be, but I thought I'd mention it, and you can add it to your spreadsheet (I assume you're using a spreadsheet!)
    - the blog Post with links to each post on this blog (which will be updated as you write, so no idea how many points this will total until the end - but here's the link anyway:
    - And then all the comments!

    Thank you again, Angela!

  27. So, Jo! I think I'll need a spreadsheet just for you!

  28. This is so generous of you! Thank you so much.


  29. What an ENORMOUS giveaway! Thank you! I'll have to admit I haven't read any of your books yet but with all the rave reviews, I'm looking forward to reading them. Count me in!

    Posted on FB:



  30. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Cayman Summer now!


  31. WOW. Talk about an amazing giveaway!! I don't envy your bank account when you're finished posting them out though LOL. I would love to win any and all of these amazing books!

    I tweeted -!/peacelovebooksx/status/2593414407258112


  32. Twitter mention:!/bee_muses/status/3014642351734785

    I'll link up the rest later. I've got too many places in the web world where you're mentioned :D

  33. Great contest! I've reviewed two books on GoodReads:

  34. I would like win :)

    This giveaway is aswometastic .

    tweeted :!/raluk15/status/3124381349838848

    Facebook :

    raluk.93 at gmail (dot) com

  35. Wow, This is so awesome. Please count me in!!


  36. I'm gobsmacked!!

    Count me in please and thanks for making this international!:D



  37. This is an amazing contest! I'm sorry that I didn't come around earlier, before this contest, but I'll tell you that I will definitely have a lot around. I'm really excited about reading your books! Heard they're absolutely swoon-worthy.


    cc932005 at hotmail dot com

  38. A simple entry for me please! =)
    Have a great day!

  39. Oh! I should leave my email adress.

  40. This is really something! What are you doing for us is amazing and I want to thank you for making it international even if it's going to partially ruin your bank account...

    I tweeted here:!/judittten/status/3413630603231232

    and put your contest on my blog sidebar.(it's Slovak book blog) You can find it on the right under giveaways:

    judittten at gmail dot com

  41. Tweeted:!/allthedaysof/status/3418999748567040


    This is an awesome giveaway, Angela - and making it international! You are amazing. I haven't read any of your books before but I hope I get the change by winning one of the giveaways. :) I just love the cover of SING TO ME - absolutely beautiful!!

    baychriz at gmail dot com

  42. Hey Angela, wow what an amazing giveaway, thanks so much, especially for thinking of all us international readers, yay!

    I've reviewed Sing Me to Sleep on my blog -

    I loved the book BTW, and yes I cried when I read it :)

    Have a great weekend!


  43. Hello Angela!

    I love the Give Away! Im from brazil, and your books in english are began to spread around our country! I can´t wait to read your books, im fascinated by Sing to me Sleep, but im looking foward to read Taken by Storm too, your books have so much good revieweds!

    Well here come may chances!!/profile.php?id=100000469664439

    Post in my blog about the giveamay! IS in portuguese.

    My e-mail

    Keep the great work!

    Kisses form Brazil!

  44. Awesome giveaway! :) I am very interested in reading these books!

  45. Reviewed Unbroken Connection:
    (will also be on blog soon, but I think I already emailed you about it.)

  46. This is an amazing giveaway! I haven't had a chance to read any of your stuff yet :( sorry but I have heard GREAT things about your work around the blogosphere!
    I am also an aspiring writer. I am currently writing a YA.

    Thank you so much! This is a great giveaway and you are so sweet so be giving away soo much!!

    I found you through Blkosiner's Book Blog just thought I would show the love on who sent me here!! hehe

    My Bloody Fairy Tale

  47. Amazing contest!!!



    magabygc AT

  48. Fabulous Contest!!! I see I can get U.C not in Kindle Form now. YAY! I have a nook so no Kindle reading for me. These two books have been at the top of my TBR list forever- no joke. Sing me to Sleep was devastatingly brilliant and I can't wait to read these three.

    (+1)GoodReads Update:


    (+2)Contests Side Bar Link:

    (+5)Review of Sing Me To Sleep

    (+10 total) for me with the one comment entry :-)

    Thanks for this chance to win! I'd love to review all of these books :-)

  49. I love you, Angela. Simply said. You are amazing.

    Unbroken Connection Review on Goodreads:

    Taken by Storm Review on Goodreads:

    I am a faithful blogger. :) Absolutely love your work.

  50. I've just come across your blog and it makes me so excited. I was married in Grand Cayman and absolutely love it there. My family takes a trip there every few years, and it is always so wonderful. I can't wait to read about it in Cayman Summer. Maybe I will be able to recognize some of the places your write about!

    +1 Comment
    +1 Tweet

  51. What a great giveaway! Congrats on all of your books!!

  52. Thanks Angela for this amazing giveaway.

    + 1 Comment

    + 5 Goodreads reviews for Sing Me to Sleep (one of my all time favourite reviews)

    + 1 Link for contest on Goodreads

  53. love it!!
    thanks! thanks! thanks!!
    for the giveaway, the books, anf or making it international! ;)
    i announced in my blog:
    in twitter:!/andrea_sm2/status/4251530328809472
    in facebook:
    In goodreads:
    in a blog post:
    i´m so excited!!
    only one question:
    when does it ends??
    that´s all!

  54. This is absolutely amazing and I cannot believe you're giving away all those books! I have yet to read Taken By Storm, but it very high on my list (as in I'll be reading it this month). I'm very tempted to read Cayman Summer, but I don't want to spoil the first two books, so I'll attempt to hold off on it, at least for now.

    I tweeted the giveaway:

    Thank you so much =)

  55. Wow what a great contest! These books sound so enjoyable! Thank you

  56. New follower - found out about your series from brandileigh2003. I shall be looking into about getting copies into my little hands.

    I tweeted:

    Cassay cassandra dot crouser at yahoo dot ca

  57. Wow what a great giveaway! Thanks so much!!!

  58. This is an incredible giveaway. I'm a writer and I'd love to be entered for the writer prizes. After NaNo, I want to come back and visit and find more about your new book! :)

  59. WOW, Angela! That's incredibly awesome of you to host such a huge and amazing giveaway. :) You've been such a sweetheart, emailing your readers about this and that. I really appreciate our "connection". Thank you so much.

    I'm just not so present here, reading and commenting your posts because I don't want to spoil Unbroken Connection, which I haven't gotten to buy yet. Unfortunately. But I'm sincerely, insanely looking forward to this. Haha.

    +1 Comment
    +1 Shared on Facebook:
    +1 On Twitter:
    +5 My Review of TAKEN BY STORM:

  60. WOW. This is one big amazing contest! Thank you so much for this! I'm really excited to read Unbroken Connection and Cayman Summer:)


  61. extra entry for publicizing Goodreads Choice:

    I am a writer

  62. This is wonderful! I appreciate your example and the opportunity to learn from you!! Merry Christmas.

  63. Thanks for the giveaway, Angela! :)

    Extra Entries:
    +5 for reviewing any of your books:

    Thanks. again! :D

  64. I voted for you on goodreads. Best of Luck!

  65. Angela, you're so amazing! I can't stop thinking of how amazing you are!

    Here are a few of my entries (I'll be posting on my blog with a widget when I post that interview of ours!):
    My twitter post (#1, of course!)
    On my blog I put down a goodreads link to the voting (it says ANGELA MORRISON's SING ME TO SLEEP)

    Awesome! Thank you so much!

  66. Hi Angela! You're so awesome for making this international! I already have a signed copy of Sing Me to Sleep. What I would really want to win is Unbroken Connection and Cayman Summer - so I could read the rest of the series. :)

    My review of Sing:

    My review of Taken by Storm:

    I tweeted about this awesome contest:

    I also voted for you on Goodreads when I read your email!

    Thank you so much! I want Unbroken Connection!

  67. Woow... That a very generous giveaway!! Thank you !!

  68. Awesome! This give away is fantastic just like this blog. I absolutly love the story so far. It makes me want to read the first book again. I'm a writer and this blog gets me inspired to write when I'm having a lazy day. It be great to win a critique from you because I admire your writing and the way you combine religion into a story, but its not overwhelming. I hope to accomplish that with my own writing some day.

    God Bless and Thanks!

  69. Another entry for voting on goodreads +1

    So +11 total plus the comment stuff

    areadersrecord (at)

  70. For that interview we did, I set up an event on goodreads inviting my friends to stop by and check it out (I told them to take a look into the life of a goodread's nominee)

    Plus all of my OTHER entries...I can't add. Sorry.
    Thanks again!

  71. Very great idea, Lissa. I think I'll need a caculator to add up all your entries!! THANKS!!

  72. I'm brasilian and many of the blogs in here are talking about your books. Now I want to read them. You seen to be a very good righter.

    ps: I'm sorry for my English

  73. voted on Goodreads but I don't know the link!

  74. i mentioned about the site on twitter!/darlyn5/status/17804669225009152

  75. i voted on Greads and mention on;



  76. mentioned the contest on Facebook;

    I also invited friends on Greads to vote as well but I dont know how to verified here.

  77. I put the Greads widget at my blog on right side bar for my readers to vote as well!

  78. Thanks for the opportunity to read your books! I really want to read your books after reading the reviews at The Windowpane memoirs blog and try to win your books too. Hope I'm lucky this time! Glad I found your blog!

  79. I've voted for SMTS on Goodreads.
    Blogged about it + Hosting a Contest for people to vote:
    Retweeted you about it:

  80. Wow, Angela! This contest is so awesome! Thanks for hosting it! I hope I can win either a copy of Unbroken Connection or Cayman Summer! :)

    +1 I already voted for SMTS on Goodreads Choice Awards

    +5 Review for Taken By Storm

    +5 Review for Sing Me To Sleep

    All the best,
    Aik { aikychien at yahoo dot com }

  81. hiii angela. I have to say, im addicted to you books. i saw taken by storm at half priced book three days ago. Read it in a day, strayed up till 3 reading it! I COULDNT put it down!!!!!!
    then the next day, i looked it up, i was sad because i thought that was the end but lo and behold, i found the second book. I immdiately bought it on my Kindle and read it. Then found this site. I love your writing, &&I cant wait for Cayman Summer to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Tricia @

  82. Okay, so I thought I'd add up the links, at least the ones I can gather for the momet. Cos I'd love to be part of the special Cayman Summer event you're planning and everything that happens with Leesie and Michael.

    The very first review on my blog, which was of Taken By Storm's:

    A word about Sing Me To Sleep (dunno if tat counts) :

    The Sing Me To Sleep review:

    That whole January was Angela Morrison Month on my blog, with author interviews and guest posts etc if you remember, but I guess that doesn't count, so I won't link it up.

    Unbroken Connection review and Cayman Summer blog mention:

    Another Cayman Summer blog mention:

    There's also a link to the Cayman Summer blog on my sidebar:

    Latest twitter mention:!/bee_muses/status/32326378456096768

    Also, there are numerous posts on my blog where you and your books are mentioned.

    I voted for Sing Me in the Goodreads Choice Awards.
    I also mentioned it in a post on my blog:
    There was also a link on my sidebar, directly to the voting, but now that the contest is over I've removed it, so I don't know if you'll count that.

    Okay, so I don't know which of those count and which of those don't, and I have no idea how many entries I have from the comments, so I'm going to leave the entries to you.

    Thank you for hosting this Angela.
    And thank you for Leesie and Michael.
    And thank you for being so fantastic.


  83. Also, oh, I'd love to enter for the special writer's contest. I write Contemporary YA.

  84. i hope i'm not too late to enter :)

    I'd read "Sing Me to Sleep" and since then i'm sooo fond of your works !

    i hope i can win Taken by Storm :)

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  85. The contest is now closed! I'll announce the winners ASAP!

  86. The winners are posted!! Got to

  87. YIKES! Midnight Thief you won TAKEN BY STORM but you didn't leave an email and it's not on your blog either. Please comment with your email or email me before Feb. 20th to claim your prize. You can email me at angelamorrison [at] mac [dot] com