Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leesie and Kim Chat - Another scene for Chapter 11

It's Veteran's Day today. My kids have the day off here in Arizona. When we lived in Canada, Veteran's day was still a school day, but they always had assemblies and at 11:11 they observed a moment of silence.  At every cash register in the stores, you could donate to a Veteran's cause and get a small, velvety, red poppy to wear on your lapel. All the kids at school wore them, too. I miss that. Someone would always recite or sing, "In Flander's Fields." It was written by a Canadian soldier who died in World War I.  Do you know it?

In Flanders fields, the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row by row,
That mark our place, and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing fly.
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow.
Loved, and were loved and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

The Amabile Boys and Mens Choir released a CD to honor the men and women around the world who have fought and continue to fight to keep their way and our way of life safe. It's called, "Soldier's Cry." One of the cuts is a rendition of "Flander's Fields" sung by their young boys choir. It's beautiful. The whole CD is beautiful. Follow the link and listen to the samples. They also sing Kurt Bestor's, "Prayer for the Children," that he wrote during the strife in Yugoslavia. He was a Mormon missionary there in the 1970s. It's haunting. One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I'm playing it today while I work. And remembering.

Here's today's scene. It seems irreverent after those solemn thoughts. It's Kim's fault. I love her. I can blame everything on Kim! In this chat, though, even Kim sees what Leesie doesn't. This will be the middle of Chapter 11. I'll finish the chapter with another dive log from Michael.


Leesie327 says: Guess what? My ankles are better!! I can walk again.
Kimbo69 says: Did you go dancing to celebrate?
Leesie327 says: Me in a club? That’s a joke.
Kimbo69 says: Buy something slinky and make Michael take you.
Leesie327 says: Michael in a club? That’s unthinkable.
Kimbo69 says: There’s got to be some hot spots in Cayman.
Leesie327 says: Gabriel would know. Don’t you have to be twenty-one?
Kimbo69 says: Depends on the club. And the country. It was so easy in Mexico. Who you’re with counts, too. And the guy checking IDs. Go with Gabriel. He’ll get you in.
Leesie327 says: Me and Gabriel? I don’t think so.
Kimbo69 says: You and Michael and Gabriel. Take the whole gang.
Leesie327 says: How do you get in? You guys even went in high school.
Kimbo69 says: Fake ID. And I don’t wear a bra. Low-cut clingy top. Works every time.
Leesie327 says: Michael would hate me dressing like that.
Kimbo69 says: It turns Mark on.
Leesie327 says: And everyone else who looks at you.
Kimbo69 says: Who cares about that?
Leesie327 says: Michael.
Kimbo69 says: Didn’t he buy you a bikini?
Leesie327 says: And a giant T-shirt to go over it.
Kimbo69 says: There’s nothing wrong with showing some skin. He’s too possessive.
Leesie327 says: I’m pretty possessive, too. Alex hugged him last night, and I wanted to slug her.
Kimbo69 says: Why did she hug him?
Leesie327 says: She hugs everybody—all the time. Uber friendly. Uber nice. I like her a lot. We’re going to go buy clothes on Saturday. Michael has to work, but he said I can buy anything I want.
Kimbo69 says: Get some really sexy stuff. You’re grown up now.
Leesie327 says: I’d look ridiculous. I’m sporting a short, short crew cut these days. I’ve still got a cast on my hand and have to wear this stupid sling on my right arm because of my collarbone.
Kimbo69 says: How much longer?
Leesie327 says: Three, maybe four weeks. My hand is doing well. The doc said I can use my right hand and arm a little bit if I’m really careful.
Kimbo69 says: That’s progress, right?
Leesie327 says: I’m hungry today, too. I got up early and made everybody French toast with extra cinnamon like Michael’s gram makes it. I ate two whole pieces.
Kimbo69 says: Congratulations.
Leesie327 says: The pain seems to be less intense. My pills are strong enough now.
Kimbo69 says: The transition has been rough?
Leesie327 says: Kind of unbearable.
Kimbo69 says: You kept mum about it?
Leesie327 says: Michael would have taken me back to the rehab place.
Kimbo69 says: But now you’re okay?
Leesie327 says: Turned a corner. Another week and I can start tapering off these drugs.
Kimbo69 says: Be careful with that stuff. My mom’s best friend is stuck on them. It’s not pretty.
Leesie327 says: I hate them. I’m pitching the whole bottle as soon as I can.
Kimbo69 says: Good plan. So you’re shopping. What else are you doing for fun this weekend?
Leesie327 says: Sleep. Eat. Michael has to work. He’s off Monday afternoon, though. He promised to take me out in the sea kayak. We want to buy a nice double one to take out free diving when I’m better. We’re using the resort’s ugly plastic one, but it’ll still be fun.
Kimbo69 says: You’re going to go free diving?
Leesie327 says: No. Just paddling in the lagoon here.
Kimbo69 says: That sounds romantic—until you capsize.
Leesie327 says: Are you kidding? That’ll be the best part.
Kimbo69 says: Won’t it mess up your ouchies?
Leesie327 says: I’ll tape my cast into a grocery bag. My clavicle bones are stuck back together now. It’s just weak. It might jar it.
Kimbo69 says: That would hurt, right?
Leesie327 says: Maybe.
Kimbo69 says: And it’d wreck that thing on you’re face.
Leesie327 says: That’s gone.
Kimbo69 says: I think I’d still stay on dry ground.
Leesie327 says: You’re missing the whole point. He’ll have to rescue me.
Kimbo69 says: You’re going to wear that bikini?
Leesie327 says: Nothing but.
Kimbo69 says: You’re torturing him—you know that?
Leesie327 says: He won’t do what I want. I’m just helping him change his mind.
Kimbo69 says: Wake up, Leesie. I know I’m probably not the best one to go and get all preachy on you, but he IS doing what you always wanted.
Leesie327 says: That girl is gone forever.
Kimbo69 says: You need to find her.
Leesie327 says: Why?
Kimbo69 says: Because that’s the girl he loves.



  1. We call it Remembrance Day over here :) I always like remembering, it's pretty amazing what all those people did for us. We get card poppies over here. The Royal British Legion go to a hell of a lot every year with all the different poppie products you can buy, all proceeds going to look after soldiers. It's just brilliant.

    Brilliant chat! I really enjoyed it! And hurrah for Kim even seeing sense, when she normally tried to talk Leesie round too. Love it!

  2. Great chat. I loved the last line. It was so unlike Kim and I really liked how she said it. Perfect.

  3. Last line = AMAZING
    I'm so proud of Kim, she surprises me in so many ways. She needs to whip Leesie into shape and bring her back to the person she was before the tradgedy and make her see whats important now in life. Overall chapter 11 looks good to me!

  4. I love the last line too!
    So did Leesie tell Kim at some point that they were in Cayman? I remember Michael wouldn't tell her initially.

  5. Oh ooh, poignant last line.
    I love Kim! Both her and Michael have experienced such a turnaround in terms of their relationship with Leesie. They're both trying to talk her back into what she used to be, when earlier, they both almost.. resented it, for different reasons of course. It shows how much they really care about her, eh?
    And when do we get to see the guys again? Especially the Commonwealth brothers. I love them! And Sean.. he was so aloof. Could there be something there? Or is that all we see of him?
    And yes, when did Leesie tell Kim that they were in Cayman? She didn't tell her initially, did she?
    I LIKE Chapter 11! It's perfect-we still have the conflict, but have some Michael-Leesie unadulterated sweetness too :)

  6. You're all right. She hasn't told her yet. My bad. That, ladies, is what we call in the biz a continuity error. Got to fix that.

    Sana wants more of the guys. Okay. Got it. Maybe the next scene should be all of them going out to eat on Saturday night. Just for Sana. So she can see the guys.

  7. The last line is just PERFECTION.

  8. Just read all of these tonight and I'm totally hooked. Sounds great.

  9. That last line. *BOWS*
    This should come at the end of the chapter, I think. It's perfect.

  10. Yes! I'm so excited :D Thanks Angela!

  11. Just wanted to let you know today's post won't be up until tomorrow. It needs time to craft. And [insert celebrative dancing on my chair] I got a request from an editor who wants to read MY ONLY LOVE. I'm excited about that but it took up my writing time. My hubby is home for just a day before he has to fly back to Europe, so I get to spend the rest of the day with him. So expect chapter 12 tomorrow--starting with a scene with all the guys. I'll have to make it from Leesie's POV because Michael wouldn't do that justice.

    This gives you all time to catch up, right? Just a reminder: today is the last day to bid on Leave a Mark's auction of SING ME TO SLEEP.

    See you all tomorrow!

  12. Congrats Angela, that is great. So exciting! :) I

  13. That's great news, Angela! Keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

  14. That is a great last line. I love that Kim is stating obvious to us, but Leesie just can't see it.
    Congrats on the My Only Love! I hope it goes all the way!