Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More from Michael - Chapter Eleven beginnings

So today I couldn't stand to write Leesie going to another doctors appointment. Boring. I usually listen to my boring-o-meter. If I don't want write something because I'm bored with the scene, then it usually means readers will be bored, too. I have to be careful, though. Sometimes I kid myself that something is boring when it's really hard, emotionally draining, or intimidating. I don't think Leesie at the rehab place again would be any of those, so I skipped ahead to Michael picking her up.

This little scene does all the work, and I don't think it's one bit boring.

I got a shipment of beautiful new bookmarks and want to share. Email me your address and I'll send some out to you. Check out "Bookmarks" to see what they look like. I'm going to go load the pictures now.

Chapter Eleven


Dive Buddy:           
Date:  05/13
Dive #:
Location: Grand Cayman
Dive Site:
Weather Condition:
Water Condition:
Water Temp: 
Bottom Time:  

Leesie waits in the garden when I pick her up at the rehab place after her appointment. She got her stitches out. I don’t know what else they did. Lots of physio? I hope she isn’t too tired. I want to take her out to dinner, but she hasn’t been able to eat much. I think its the drugs. Her old ones wearing off or the new ones making her sick.
I spy her yellow dress and hat from the distance. She’s sitting on our bench. The first thing I notice is legs. Long bare ones. “Hey, babe. How’d it go?”
She looks up. I stop and stare. Walk closer. Stare more. They took that thing off her face. She’s got make-up on and flashes me that smile I love. Hair or no, she’s beautiful.
“What do you think?” She touches her nose.
I sit down on the bench beside her, cup her face between my hands, kiss her unveiled nose, her cheeks, her eyes. I draw back so I can see her face up close and my eyes fill up.
Leesie wipes away a ear that escapes out of the corner of my left eye. “What’s the matter? Do I look that bad?”
I swallow hard. “It’s good to have you back.”
Our lips find each other. It’s a massive relief to kiss her without that metal splint on her nose, to rub my nose against hers, to explore every inch of her face with my lips. Her hat comes off while we’re making out, and my hand moves instinctively to stroke her head. I haven’t touched it since it started coming in more. It looks prickly. I’m surprised at how soft it is. Like fur. My mouth moves there, too.
I rest my cheek on the top of her head and wrap my arms around her. We embrace, zoning into each other while a gentle evening breeze wafts warm sea air perfumed by the gardenia bush a few yards away.
“Look what else!” Leesie whispers into my neck and holds her legs out straight—pointing the toes on her bare feet.
“I noticed that first, babe.”
She pivots on the bench and puts her feet in my lap. I pick up the left foot, kiss it, pick up the right, kiss that, too. I kiss her shins and her knees. Her dress is pushed up exposing her thighs.
I pull her skirt down over them and kiss her lips one last time. “We gotta go.”
“Can you carry me? I don't have shoes.”
“Nope. If I carry you, I can’t be responsible for what happens when we get back to the car.”
“Carry me.”
“Watch your step.”


  1. Yay, Leesie is back! Well physically almost anyways..:) That was so sweet, I loved that Michael teared up when he saw her. Michael and Leesie have completely switched places. It is crazy, and I love it!

  2. Nope, not a bit boring!
    Love that last line (yay Michael!)

  3. Oh, Michael. I love him so. And I love this log so much! It's so romantic and sweet and as far from boring as anything has ever been!
    Lol, I loved that last line too. And while my mind (stupid, stupid mind) tries to find something wrong with this lovely scene, like maybe Leesie's physical beauty shouldn't matter so much, it doesn't stick. This scene is perfect. Flawless. Their joy and Michael's tears are so apt for the situation-since the last time he cried was when she shaved her hair off, wasn't it? We've come full circle! :D-and after all, they've never been a normal couple. They're too special and wonderful for that.
    LOVE. IT. That is all.

  4. This is the sweetest log ever! I love it! It's great to see how far Michael has come from believing you can't have love without sex. :)

    I'm not sure - do I have to email you, Angela, with my address for bookmarks, or do you still have it?

  5. No, Jo. I have your address.

    Thanks everyone for the thumbs up. I'm working now on today's post. Leesie and Kim chatting it up. Nice and lively for a change.

  6. That's great, thanks Angela!

    Oooh, I'm looking forward to that! Som fun girl talk! :)

  7. Short and sweet and not a bit boring!
    It's more prevelent in this log than any the metamorphosis Michael is undergoing. It goes from Leesie saving Michael in TBS to Michael saving Leesie, so brilliant!
    In Unbroken Connection, Leesie talks about her destiny already being planned out from before she was born in a way, and how she was always meant to find Michael. But after reading the first part of this book I think she was wrong. I think it was Michael who was meant to find her,if that makes sense. Michael was brought to her. Michael saves her from herself. Michael is her savior, or angel even. Was the punn intended with his name Angela??? (that is,if my theory is correct)

  8. You're really close, Nicole. I'll just tell you that Mormons believe Michael, the angel, came to earth as Adam, the first man. Michael is Leesie's first man. It's cool that he is turning into her angel. I didn't intend that. That's one of the coolest things about creating something--the connections that develop even if you didn't plan them.

  9. Yes, yes, Leesie's getting back :)

    Such a sweet scene. It makes me smile. The prose is as gorgeous as ever.

    *goes to check out bookmarks now*

  10. omg this blog is the highlight of my day =)