Saturday, November 13, 2010

Phew I Made it! Chapter 12, first part

Phew! I made it. Here's the first part of Chapter 12. Not dinner out with all the guys, Sana. Sorry. We had this shopping trip to get to. Monday Michael's dive log will be at the dinner. But he doesn't drool over the guys. There's lots of juicy stuff here, though. Who knew Michael was moving Leesie into such a hot bed of jealousies and broken hearts? Well, it is a novel. Could it be anything else?

See you all Monday. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Chapter Twelve

POEM # ?,

Saturday I’m strong enough to don
overzie rubber gloves, fill
a bucket with bleach, dish soap,
and the hottest water, open
the window, flick on the fan
and scrub down every inch
of that nasty bathroom.
I changed the water twice,
bleached all the towels
and threw out the rug.
I wipe down ours, too—mine
and Alex’s--for good measure.

“Now keep it clean!”
I scowl and try to look stern
while I serve the guys
grilled cheeses between dives.
Cooper eats four.
Brock and Ethan two.
Michael one.
Seth says, “Thank you,”
after his third.
Gabriel doesn’t show.

“Should I make one for him?”
I sit down with the sandwich
I’m splitting with Alex.

“I don’t think we’ll see him
much the rest of the weekend.”
Cooper tips back in his chair, points
out the sliding glass balcony door.
“Hot babe on our boat today.”
I lean around Michael so see
Gabriel sporting Speedo trunks
lingering with a bikini body
wrapped in thick golden hair.
I don’t let my hand rise to
my shorn head.

“Why do they always go for him?”
Cooper pulls a sad face.
“When they could have”—
he rises, pulls off his shirt—
“all of this?” He turns slowly
so Alex and I can assess.
Alex gives him two thumbs up.
“They must all be blind,
right Leesie?”
I nod. “Especially when you’re
sunburnt like that.”
He grins, flexes. “So I should
go down there and get in his way?”
Alex and I pull faces at each other.
Michael gets up from the table.
“We gotta go.”
He’s kind of abrupt, kind of mad,
doesn’t kiss me before they leave.

Driving into Georgetown,
Alex and I crack up over
Cooper. “He’s always like that.
Sweet. Funny.”

“So Gabriel isn’t dating
the Governor’s daughter
or a supermodel?”

Alex shakes her head, but flashes
me a wicked grin. “He could
date anybody. He’s awesome
in bed.”

I try not to choke on the sip
of water I just took. Swallow.
Steady my voice.
“You slept with him?”

She nods, bragging. “Oh, yeah.”

My eyebrows shoot then, “I thought—?”
She shrugs. “Kai and I moved down here
together. Three years I gave that dude.
And that skank Dani steals him. Seth
figured it out first, told me. Before we
could confront them, they
were gone. Our Commonwealth
brothers took Seth into Georgetown
to get him smashed. That left Gabriel 
to look after me.”

She smiles. “I was crying on his chest,
and then we were kissing, and then
we were in bed. He’s one I won’t forget.”

“Did it make you feel better?”
I blurt it like a fool.
“He got me through the night.”
“Are you going out?” I touch her arm.
“Am I in the way?”
She laughs. “One nighter. I’m not
his type.” She says it likes she wants
to be. His type.

“What is his type?”
She rolls jealous eyes
in my direction. “Waitresses.

“Isn’t it awkward now?”

Her face grows puzzled.
“I’m too busy being livid
at Kai to worry about Gabriel.”

“Would you do it again?”
I can’t believe I asked that,
but I need to know the rules
in this new kingdom I’m in.

“Maybe. It was good.
But in the morning I felt
as bad as Kai and Dani—
the creeps.” She punches
the accelerator and shakes
her head. “Yeah. I would do
it again. I’m not going to let
Kai wreck my fun.”

Fun? Not love?
Not commitment?
Fun. She pulls in the parking
lot and turns off the car.
“Hey, girl. Let’s shop.”
Okay. Fun.

I buy a white island scarf
with fringe and beads to wrap
my poor head in. It drips
down my back like cloth hair.
Next we find sandals that jingle
with gold charms, a white on white
floral print sundress, spaghetti straps,
and a low, bare back, a padded
underwire bra that gives me
a fake sense of cleavage,
low cut clingy T-s, shortest shorts,
and silky thongs that feel like sin
between my fingertips.

Alex’s phone rings. “Dinner?
Tonight?" A glance at me. "You in?”
I look down at my bags, nod.
“Sounds like fun.”


  1. Oh, that's ok, Angela! I love this scene anyway. And Michael jealousy. EEEEEEEE (excitement!)!! And besides, I sense a dinner scene coming next ^_^
    Yay, finally some girly-fun-that's-not-virtual for Leesie! It's done her some good, eh?
    And the Gabriel-Alex undercurrent is DELISH. And so unexpected!
    And quick question: Since Kai and Alex broke up, why did the guys have to take Sean out?

  2. Definitely getting good! I love this side of Leesie. Well, at least for now, since she's trying to rebel against her beliefs, so it's understandable. But Michael isn't going to be happy. Can't wait for the dinner scene! It's going to get intense. Thank you for another amazing chapter. Always makes my day. I love the subtle hints of Leesie's change. And Michael's obvious jealousy. Love the emphasis on the word "fun." Alex's influence and a bunch of guys...Michael's definitely going to regret this plan. Not to mention Gabriel...

  3. I like that she disapproved while not disapproving if that makes any sense.

  4. Dani--the girl who ran off with Kai--was Sean's girlfriend. I'll add a line to jog your memory of that. You don't really either because when I posted it here Dani and Kai were just X and Y!

  5. Yay for Dani and Kai!! Okay, well not yay for them, because obviously they are not nice. What I mean is, yay for their names! :)

    Leesie is trying so hard to rebel, and the whole Gabriel and Alex And I'm pretty sure Michael is not going to like that Leesie bought all those sexy's going to get interesting...

  6. Fun.
    Ohmygod, this is heating things up. I so love it. Ex-games, jealousy, girly fun..I love the new twist this scene has brought in. There will be new things for Leesie and Michael to deal with, not just religion and family pressure.
    Looking forward to the new direction this is taking..:)

  7. Oh gosh. Is Leesie going to attempt to seduce Michael? Ohhh! I'm worried, lol.
    And it's cool to see Michael jealous!

  8. I am concerned that Leesie to going to push Michael too far... he is just a human boy. I don't want the story the end that way.

  9. Oh Angela, getting us all worried that LEESIE is going to be the one trying to seduce MICHAEL! Now that will be interesting. And poor Michael getting all jealous.

    Cant wait for the restraunt scene! I think Alex should get all dolled up and try to catch Gabriel's eye at dinner, just a thought!

  10. Oh boy am I excited. This is so true to life and how a normal person would react in these situations. I love the bad girl side of Leesie coming out since EVERYONE has a little bad in them... I can't wait for the restaurant scene... Michael needs some more provoking! haha! He is acting way too good if you ask me.