Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chapter 27 - Leesie's Poem to finish

Great discussion yesterday. Today's poem from Leesie is dedicated to all of you who commented. I'm sure this is exactly who she'd be feeling inside. Total panic! This finishes Chapter 27. We hear from Michael again tomorrow. I've got to figure out a good place to add a Leesie/Kim chat. Not here. Not yet. I want you to experience what Michael and Leesie are going through first hand.

CHAPTER 27 - Part 2

POEM #??,
I blew it.
I blew it.
I’m sure that I blew it.
Too much, too fast,
too little, too slow.
I bungled it all
in a mixed up jumble.
He thinks it’s crazy.

I wish he’d let me
call in the elders.
They could stop by
tomorrow to help
with the yard.
Service Project.
He’d see through that
and never speak to me

Maybe he already won’t speak
to me again. Did I really bring up
Heavenly intimacy? 

I pull my hide-a-bed out of the couch,
hit my knees beside it,
weary the Lord with my whining.
“He says he wants me to teach him
like he taught me,
but, but, but—”

You can do this.

“I can? I’m not a missionary.
I don’t know what I’m supposed
to teach him first or second.
What if I get something wrong?”

Just open your mouth.


A glorious, hopeful peace
blooms from my heart
and wafts warmth
to the panicked
doubt in my brain.

I crawl into bed,
curl under the sheet,
kick it off—get up,
readjust the fan,
sit on the edge
of my flimsy mattress,
staring at the black room
and chant,
“I think I can.
I think I can.
I can.
I can.
I can.”           


  1. Yess YOU can Leesie !
    i believe in YOU !♥

  2. A-ha! You did it! This is exactly what Leesie should be thinking after a chat like yesterday's. You're brilliant! I think a little resistance is always good and I love that you leave Leesie alone to her struggles. Hopefully Michael is having his own struggles with the info dump. Man, WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? I can't wait...

  3. Good, good, good. I still think I'll probably cut the info from yesterday's post about in half--still overwhelming amount of info dump, though!

  4. Love it! I am a little troubled with Leesie, however. Originally when Leesie and Michael met and fell for one another, they really jumped in to a love affair that throughout the differences one thing was true. Each of them loved each other for who they are, despite the differences. Now, Michael is changing and I wonder, did Leesie ever love the person he once was or was she waiting for him to succomb to her way of life. It is her way or none at all. When you love someone, truly, you even love their flaws because that is what makes them who they are. So, that being said, does Leesie miss Michaels wild, crazy, live for the moment side at all? Or is she just happy he is finally stepping over to her side. If it were me, I would miss the wild side and want both Michaels. Holy crap that was long. Sorry!

  5. I believe in you Leesie. You can. YOU CAN!

  6. Perfect! I think it is just how Leesie would feel.

  7. I think this is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ah, Nicole! Good discussion.

    There is one thing I know is true in life and in fiction, change is constant. If we like it or not. If our characters stop changing, our story is dead--or finished. Even then, I like to put my characters on a path where they continue to grow and change.

    I think both Michael and Leesie had a wilder, crazier side that they've left behind. Leesie's still mourning her brother. And Michael hasn't been his original self since the first chapter of TAKEN BY STORM. Leesie never knew Michael's wild, crazy, live for the moment side.

    And yes, Leesie loved exactly who Michael was. And she loves him unreservedly now.

    And I hope she's made it really clear that she's committed to Michael no matter what he decides with respect to Mormonism. She didn't bring it up. He did. Back in UNBROKEN CONNECTION when she forced the issue, it was a disaster. They fought. He left. And then she got jealous of Suki. I don't think Leesie is strong enough now to do anything without Michael. You'll see in tomorrow's scene.

    I do think they both could use a day of fun in the sun, though. I'm working on that. Not for tomorrow's post, but maybe the next day. That could be a good chat topic for Leesie and Kim! YAY! Thanks, you helped me work out the next few steps of plot.

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  10. What I LOVE about Michael "change" is that it gets to be so natural and genuine that his voice as a character does not get lost; at the contrary, it stands out. What I believed is with age you see things differently, you gave yourself opportunities that you didn't before; I think this is what is happening with Leesie and Michael. I always feel that Leesie love Michael the way he is but and I don't think is wrong that she wants "everything" and the end she wants was is the best for him. In other topics I think the narration moment it need to be about Michael and Leesie is like if a chat with Kim will not have the same impact (at least for me as a reader) for the beautiful moment that is been told in the story now.

    Great JOB Angela!!!

  11. I agree, Michelle. That's why the chats have been missing. I knew in the beginning they would take a back seat--now that Michael and Leesie are together and aren't chatting.